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The Many Uses of PROFINET and OPC UA

The theme for this month's issue is clear: the usefulness in employing both PROFINET and OPC UA. Existing use-cases (e.g. predictive maintenance) become easier to achieve, and new use-cases (e.g. C2C Safety) are created through the powerful combination of these two complementary technologies. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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PROFINET & OPC UA: A ‘Map’ Made in Heaven

Mapping PROFINET data to the OPC UA information model has been one of the main tasks of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International for the past few months. The many use-cases discovered show that the effort spent collaborating on a Companion Specification with the OPC Foundation will be beneficial across the Industry 4.0 landscape.

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The ‘Safety over OPC UA’ Concept

Safety over OPC UA based on PROFIsafe: one year ago, the OPC Foundation and PI issued a memorandum of understanding for this joint concept. The specification will now soon be published and is available for OPC UA-based controller-controller communication.

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