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IO-Link Community Japan

IO-Link Community Japan leader, Mr. Shinichi Motoyosh, announced the start of the IO-Link Community Japan in April 2017 to promote the industrial digital communication technology, IO-Link. And it also starts the “IO-Link experience course” from June 2017 at Industrial Open-Network Laboratory of Research Institute for Science and Engineering in Waseda University, as one of the field communication seminars.

Regional News – March 2017

Countries featured in this month’s PROFINEWS include Ireland where its Chairman provided training overseas in Turkey, Japan where IO-Link is proving immensely popular, and Germany where PROFIBUS and PROFINET events are scheduled. A major German event, the PI Konferenz, is scheduled for March 22-23.

Regional News – January 2016

Why have an entire section of PROFINEWS dedicated to Regional News? It matters for three reasons. First, it shows the strength of the PI organization on a global scale. Second, if you are a device vendor, it encourages you to explore other such markets with the expectation of local support. And finally, if you are an end-user, it assures that if you start operations in another country there are already experts in place.

Regional News

The famous PROFINET book by Manfred Popp is now available in Japanese. Read the abstracts for the upcoming PROFIBUS Conference in the United Kingdom. A new white paper has been released in Australia regarding industrial communications enabling the Industrial Internet of Things.

Regional News (Issue 122)

The Profibus Association of Australia (PAA) is adding new members at a strong clip. Similarly, membership in the Japanese Profibus Organization (JPO) has surpassed 100. Both accomplishments underscore the growing adoption of PROFIBUS and PROFINET as global, market-leading technologies. Over the last 18 months, the PAA has invested in programs and campaigns to raise awareness […]

PI Japan Passes 100-member Threshold

Exceeding 100 members in the Japanese PROFIBUS Organization was cause for celebration. The achievement was celebrated on October 7 in Tokyo with a seminar and party. (Membership is currently 103.) At the seminar, Mr. Karsten Schneider of PI chairman kindly came to Japan for the event and made the special presentation about “New PI technology,” […]

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