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PROFINET: High Value for Machine Builders

“It just works; no problems”, was the immediate response of an SPS/IPC/Drives fair visitor in front of our new paper airplane machine. I had asked about his experiences with PROFINET. Because I did not have to carry on a “general conversation,” we talked specifically about his concrete benefits during the integration of PROFINET in his […]

Application Story: Stäubli Robots

Industrial robots are increasingly taking over tasks that were previously reserved for machine tools or special-purpose processing machines. For this reason, users are calling more and more for the consistent integration of robot systems in machines with respect to handling systems, function, and communication technology. This can be achieved with the help of PROFINET. Consistent […]

Application Story: Rijnland Water Control

For the Rijnland District Water Control Board it is all about keeping dry feet and having clean water. In the more than thirty waste water purification plants, Rijnland purifies waste water so that it can be discharged back into nature in a responsible way. An important task that leaves no room for malfunction. In order to […]

IO-Link: Did You Know?

Did you know that every device has a manufacturer’s declaration? In addition to the IO-Link specification itself, a test specification is available. Anyone can download these specifications from In addition, easy-to-operate test systems with comprehensive functions are offered for IO-Link masters as well as IO-Link devices. These test systems perform the test cases defined […]

Tech Tip: Why Does PROFINET Need an IP Address?

An oft-heard question: “Why does a PROFINET device need an IP address? PROFINET uses names.” You may have heard the misinformation that PROFINET does not use TCP/IP. The correct information is that PROFINET does use TCP/IP and devices do have IP addresses! So, the short answer to that oft-heard question: PROFINET uses TCP/IP and therefore […]

Training and Events: Issue 125

Register now for one of the many events fast approaching in the upcoming months. First is embedded world 2015 in Nuremberg, DE. Next up is the PI Conference in Speyer, DE in early March. Also in March are a PROFIsafe Certified Designer Course and the first of three PROFINET Workshops.  Be Our Guest! Invitation to […]

PI Update

Updates from PI in this issue include new documents, the ten best blog posts from 2014, and the top tweet. The guidelines for designing, installing, and commissioning PROFINET networks have received important updates. The PROFINET System Description has also received a significant overhaul. New Documents PROFINET Checklist for Acceptance Tests For several years, PI (PROFIBUS […]

IT Professional’s Guide to Industrial Ethernet

There are numerous advantages to using Ethernet on the plant floor and some critical issues to consider for a successful implementation: migration strategies, communications differences, security needs, and the need for industrially hardened devices. Here are the five critical things an IT Professional needs to know about bringing Ethernet to the plant floor. CLICK HERE […]

8 Go-To Resources for PROFINET

One of PI’s major goals is to provide resources for users, system integrators, OEMs, and device makers.  Here are eight resources (and a few bonuses) in a logical order to pursue: 1. Marketing Flyer: PROFINET. A brief, high-level overview of PROFINET. Yes it has “marketing” in the title, but it does provide a high-level introduction. […]

New Products: Issue 125

New products this month include smart lights with IO-Link, secure servos with PROFIBUS DP, cables and modules for PROFIBUS PA, and new connectors and diagnostics tools for PROFINET. Smart Light Instead of Stack Light The popular IO-Link Smart Light from Balluff is now available in three versions. In addition to the current version with a maximum […]

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