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Report from the General Assembly Meeting

Michael Bryant introduced this issue of PROFINEWS with a hint about PI North America’s recent General Assembly Meeting (GAM). Michael Bowne in the article immediately above took the introduction to the PROFINET of Things at the GAM and distilled them into a webcast. Carl Henning in the PROFIblog is portioning out an informal reporting of the event.

Here are the highlights from the meeting.

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IO-Link Adds 100th Member

IO-Link has established itself in the market faster than almost any other communication technology. This is confirmed by the number of members in the IO-Link member community and the current node counts. Weiss Robotics was the 100th company to join the member community.

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IO-Link: Did You Know?

Did you know that IO-Link can transmit up to 32 bytes in one cycle?

The IO-Link interface standardized in IEC 61131-9 is based on simple serial data transmission via conventional connecting cables. With IO-Link, it is over exactly this cable that data packets are exchanged cyclically between the IO-Link master and an IO-Link device packed in one protocol.

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Tech Tip: PROFINET Options for Devices

We often use an age old catch phrase during our PROFINET one day classes, “But wait, there’s more!” when we get to the latter part of the day. At that time we’ve usually covered the standard PROFINET application functionality and continue talking about additional PROFINET features and options. We’ve found that most engineers and developers don’t realize what the optional features of PROFINET are and their purpose.

Here is a list of those optional features and what they do.

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