Australia Advertises PROFINET Training

An innovative advertising campaign developed by Profibus Australia for the launch of Certified PROFINET Training in Australia and New Zealand promises to take factory and process control solutions to another level.

With Profibus already well positioned as market leader in Australia’s Process Automation  landscape, strong growth is expected from the Industrial Ethernet standard over the next 3 years.

PAA’s launch campaign for the relatively new Industrial Ethernet protocol, combines PROFINET Banneronline banners ads in local Trade Media; Social Media postings; and a multi-stranded online Direct Marketing campaign distributed through databases supplied by the PAA and its Members plus leading Trade Media, PACE magazine.

The decision to start the campaign in July, well in advance of the scheduled October launch date, was deliberate due to the technical nature of the new Ethernet based technology and the need to raise knowledge levels quickly over a relatively short period of time.

Featured prominently in the DM campaign is Industrial Automation expert and trainer Peter Thomas, who is joining long-time Profibus trainer Andy Verwer in Australia for the first time in November.

In a series of six audio recordings uploaded to YouTube, Thomas addresses a variety of Industrial Ethernet issues and misconceptions relative to PROFINET and its working relationship with Profibus. Also addressed in the series of Q&A interviews are the benefits & best practices of Profibus & PROFINET integration in Process & Factory Automation; important Network Security requirement; controlling Process applications through Industrial Ethernet; and reviews on the contents of PROFINET Engineer Course syllabus.

PROFINET AudioAnswers to these six questions are available from PAA:

  • What is PROFINET and how does it differ from Profibus?
  • What are the benefits of PROFINET and can I integrate it with my existing Profibus installation?
  • Is it a good idea to control an industrial process using Ethernet?
  • How do I keep my PROFINET application secure?
  • What skills and tools will I require to configure and support a PROFINET system?
  • What does the course cover and what skills will I gain?

The six answers from Peter Thomas can be found on the PAA website.