ESP Webinar: Industria 4.0, PROFINET transformando la industria

On Tuesday, June 2nd, PI North America, in collaboration with PICC/PITC Argentina, will be hosting a PROFINET webinar in Spanish language. The webinar will describe the role of PROFINET in Industry 4.0 and industry digitalization trends. Register today / Regístrese hoy

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Webinar: A Guide to PROFINET Network Commissioning

Are you working on a PROFINET project? Join us on this free webinar on PROFINET Network Commissioning on Thursday, May 14. This webinar will give you a guide and useful tips for the commissioning stages. Register Online!

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Webinar: Industrie 4.0 Technology

From workshop to webinar; the future is digital and connected. The current situation surrounding COVID-19 clearly shows the opportunities of digitization. Therefore the PNO's highly anticipated Industrie 4.0 Workshop will now be presented as a Webinar over two days in late May.

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Upcoming Global Training Opportunities

Highlighted this month are trainings in the United Kingdom and Denmark. In the UK, a series of three classes covering PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and IO-Link are planned later in the year. In Denmark, a PROFINET course is planned for early June.

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Upcoming Training & Events

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with PI over the next coming weeks. Find a training, workshop, or trade show in your area and come meet us.

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Beyond the Basics: PROFINET Optional Features

Learn about Device Redundancy, Shared Device, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Fast Startup, iPar Server, and more. These features might help you with an application or give you a competitive edge! Join this live webinar on Thursday, February 13!

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Member News & Training – October 2019

Lots of member news and events this month: an-testlabs reaches a PROFINET test report milestone; an upcoming PROFINET in process automation workshop; a PROFIBUS troubleshooting webinar from Softing; and several activities from PI Brazil.

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Upcoming IO-Link Workshops

Four IO-Link User Workshops will take place over the next few weeks in the countries of Hungary, France, Germany, and Italy. Additional workshops targeted towards IO-Link device manufacturers include an Interop and an IO-Link Safety Workshop, both taking place in Germany.

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