Upcoming Global Training Opportunities

Highlighted this month are trainings in the United Kingdom and Denmark. In the UK, a series of three classes covering PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and IO-Link are planned later in the year. In Denmark, a PROFINET course is planned for early June.

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Upcoming Training & Events

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with PI over the next coming weeks. Find a training, workshop, or trade show in your area and come meet us.

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Beyond the Basics: PROFINET Optional Features

Learn about Device Redundancy, Shared Device, Dynamic Reconfiguration, Fast Startup, iPar Server, and more. These features might help you with an application or give you a competitive edge! Join this live webinar on Thursday, February 13!

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Member News & Training – October 2019

Lots of member news and events this month: an-testlabs reaches a PROFINET test report milestone; an upcoming PROFINET in process automation workshop; a PROFIBUS troubleshooting webinar from Softing; and several activities from PI Brazil.

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Upcoming IO-Link Workshops

Four IO-Link User Workshops will take place over the next few weeks in the countries of Hungary, France, Germany, and Italy. Additional workshops targeted towards IO-Link device manufacturers include an Interop and an IO-Link Safety Workshop, both taking place in Germany.

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Getting the Best from Your PROFIBUS & PROFINET System

To get the best out of any PROFIBUS or PROFINET project, it is important to have a suitably qualified engineer in your team. Firstly, to help decide which of the systems is most appropriate to your application and secondly, to help in the selection of the best control system, network components, and instrumentation.

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Train to Gain and Maintain PROFIciency

Get your skills and knowledge up-to-date. Training programs give you the necessary background and confidence to implement and make use of the most widely used automation technologies. Ultimately, the right training is both a short- and long-term investment to ensure that operations run well without unexpected downtime. Time to boost your PROFIciency!

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