New Products (Issue 121)

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New products this month include: new PROFINET I/O, master simulators, hardware modules, PROFINET diagnostics tools, relays, and gateways, plus updated PROFIBUS diagnostics tools, and PROFIBUS repeaters.  Click on the headlines for additional details, photos, and video.

XT1500_5x7_300ppi2New Analog Output Ethernet I/O Modules with Discrete I/O

Acromag expands their line of BusWorks®XT Ethernet I/O modules that are ideal for remote monitoring, distributed control, or SCADA applications. Models are offered in PROFINET and other Ethernet communication protocols.

BW3035_BW3057New PROFINET Master Simulators

Master Simulators from Bihl+Wiedemann are simple, universal tools for commissioning as well as for testing slaves within systems. In addition to PROFIBUS Master Simulators (BW1131, BW1257, BW1258) Bihl+Wiedemann now also offers Master Simulators for PROFINET (BW3035 and BW3057).

172-Default-Anybus-CompactCOm-Common-EthernetAny Industrial Ethernet Network on any hardware

HMS Industrial Networks now releases “Anybus CompactCom for Common Ethernet” – a communication solution which includes an Ethernet hardware that is loadable with PROFINET, along with other Industrial Ethernet protocols.

ind031_Fig2Topology and Diagnostics for PROFINET

InduSol combines diagnostics and topology for monitoring PROFINET networks with its PROFInet-INspektor® hardware and PROscan® Active software, respectively.

Axioline FNew I/O module for Relay Connection

From Phoenix Contact: With the new digital output module for Axioline F, coupling relays can be easily connected to I/O stations via pre-assembled system cabling. The I/O terminals can be integrated into PROFINET networks via a compatible bus coupler.

gatewayEtherNet/IP to PROFINET Device Gateway

ProSoft introduces an Ethernet/IP to PROFINET gateway that can be used in a variety of applications, including those involving PLC-to-PLC interlocking, a SCADA interface or data concentration.

BC-700-PBMobile PROFIBUS Diagnostics and Cable Testing

Softing announces the release of its new mobile PROFIBUS Tester which provides extended functionality. The BC-700-PB combines bus physics, bus communication, and cable testing in one device.

ProfiHub B4FO2New PROFIBUS ProfiHub Family

PROCENTEC has launched two brand-new products: the ProfiHub B4FO2+ and the Profihub B2FO2+. These robust network components are especially designed to be part of the communication backbone of a fiber optic PROFIBUS DP network.