PROCENTEC launches a brand-new PROFIBUS ProfiHub family: B4FO2+ & B2FO2+

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PROCENTEC has launched two brand-new products: the ProfiHub B4FO2+ and the Profihub B2FO2+. These robust network components are especially designed to be part of the communication backbone of a fiber optic PROFIBUS DP network. It is the most cost effective junction between fiber optic and massed copper segments. With only one device you can now easily create reliable, flexible and robust PROFIBUS DP networks. The ProfiHub B4FO2+ provides organized network structures, which make your installation even more reliable. Maximum uptime and optimization of the entire production process is guaranteed!

PROFIBUS DP is a high-speed communication bus that must comply with strict rules concerning spur lines. The possible reflections could lead to communication disturbances. The ProfiHub B4FO2+ is the perfect solution for this problem. It is reliable, flexible and robust in combination with ease of installation. This Hub creates a one stop solution that is required to operate 24/7 networks. Reducing downtime, increased functionality of spur lines, and isolated segments creates a network component which reduces all of the costs associated with the most common network communication issues.

Innovative features ProfiHub B4FO2+

ProfiHub B4FO2
ProfiHub B4FO2

The ProfiHub B4FO2+ is a new member of the famous ProfiHub family. It is designed with the unique functionality of four galvanic isolated transparent repeaters and an optical link module in one device. As a result, fiber optic will be transformed to RS 485. The ProfiHub B4FO2+ allows network structures with four extended spur lines that individually can handle up to a maximum of 31 devices and a length equal to the main bus. Furthermore, this robust network component is equipped with four copper segments with DP – RS 485 specifications. Because the ProfiHub B4FO2+ creates isolated segments, the devices can be removed and added during operation. Also electrical bus problems and EMC disturbances in a spur do not spread to the other segments. The intelligent logic and isolation circuits of the ProfiHubs do not change the bit width. This means the ProfiHubs does not have limitations in serial placement.

The ProfiHub B2FO2+

ProfiHub B2FO2
ProfiHub B2FO2

The ProfiHub B2FO2+ is another brand-new product of PROCENTEC and is the little brother of the ProfiHub B4FO2+. This robust network component is equipped with all innovative features and advantages of the ProfiHub B4FO2+. There is only one unique difference: the ProfiHub B2FO2+ is designed with the functionality of two galvanic isolated transparent repeaters and an optical link module in one device. This makes this robust network component perfect to create reliable fiber optic backbone structures and long multi-device star/tree segments in high-speed DP networks. The use of the ProfiHub B2FO2+ results in maximum uptime and the optimization of the entire production process.