Gateway AGILiGATE PROFINET to serial

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AGILiGATE PROFINET to serial is a gateway to exchange data between a PROFINET network and any equipment with a serial link. AGILiGATE PROFINET is an IO-Device. The serial link is fully configured via the IO-Controller. A wide range of PROFINET data modules allows the exchange of serial data inputs and outputs. Relevant diagnostic PROFINET-cote-H30cm (Custom)alarms, together with straightforward indicators and an embedded web server, speed-up troubleshooting, in case of serial link failure for example.

The embedded web server is also available for I&M information, user manual, download GSD file, manageable switch statistics. Customized web pages can also be downloaded in the AGILiGATE file system, and interact with I/O data. AGILiGATE runs at the same time as a MODBUS/TCP server or gateway.