Innovasic’s RapID Platform is the First Industrial Ethernet Solution Certified to PROFINET v2.31

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Innovasic is pleased to announce the RapID Platform with the new fido5000 REM Switch chip has been certified to PROFINET v2.31 for Class B and Class C devices. The certification includes conformance to Net Load Class III, the highest level of network load testing, ensuring cycle times down to 250µs are immune to the effects of network traffic. Certifications for EtherCAT, SERCOS III, and POWERLINK will be announced over the next few months.

The RapID Platform – PROFINET IRT Network Interface is delivered as a module or RapID REM - PNET Certifiedembedded design. Both legacy start-up and advanced start-up are supported when participating in an IRT network. The product includes standard alarms and diagnostics as well as DCP, LLDP, SNMP and VLAN Priority network management protocols. As such, Topology Recognition and Simple Device Replacement are supported. A web server is available and dynamic web pages can be customized by the user. Pre-planned product improvements include Fast Start-Up (FSU), ring support with MRPD/MRP, and cycle times down to 31.5µs.

According to Jordon Woods, Innovasic’s CTO, “Innovasic is the first company to certify a multi-protocol device to PROFINET v2.31. And the flexibility of the fido5000 REM Switch allows customers to future-proof their designs to changes with the PROFINET specification or with any Industrial Ethernet protocol.”

The RapID Platform – PROFINET IRT Network Interface module and embedded design are available now.