PI Certifies Communication Module for PROFINET IO Version 2.31

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Device Passes Most Stringent Levels of Testing for Conformance Class C and Netload III

Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH and Hilscher North America, Inc. are pleased to announce that the comX 51CA-RE communication module has successfully been tested against PROFINET IO Version 2.31 and certified for conformance by PI (PROFIBUS and PROFINET International).

In addition to passing the typical test functions of Fast Start Up (FSU), Media Redundancy COMX 51CA-RE sizedProtocol (MRP) and Isochronous Real-Time protocol (IRT), the comX 51 CA-RE passed PI’s tests for the highest Conformance Class C as well as the highest Netload Class III. Typical applications for Class C PROFINET IO include high-speed, synchronized systems such as motion control. Netload Class III requires the device to exhibit advanced robustness even under the highest traffic densities as defined by the PI Specifications.

Hilscher’s comX communication module is designed for integration in automation devices, such as robot controllers, PLCs, or drives, in order to add a network interface. All communication tasks are executed autonomously in the comX module, independent of the processor of the target device. The comX 51 offers the security of a pre-certified PROFINET IO device interface and reduces the network integration effort for the device manufacturer. IO data will be transferred via a 50MHz SPI interface to the host processor or alternatively via an 8/16-bit parallel bus.

Due to compatible mechanics, consistent interfaces, and the use of the same software tools, comX supports a variety of network systems and topologies. And, since the communication module is based on Hilscher’s own netX network controller chip, Hilscher can guarantee a minimum 10 years of delivery.

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