Connecting Devices – Wirelessly

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For several years, the Anybus Wireless Bridge has been a popular solution to replace Ethernet cabling with a Bluetooth or WLAN connection. After the acquisition of the wireless gateways from u-blox/connectBlue in September, HMS Industrial Networks can now present an expanded suite of Anybus Wireless Bridge products for connecting industrial devices wirelessly.Anybus Wireless Brigde press picture2

The widened offering now consist of the following solutions:

  • Industrial Ethernet over WLAN (point-to-point). 2.4 or 5 GHz
  • Industrial Ethernet over Bluetooth (point-to-point or multi-point)
  • Serial over Bluetooth (point-to-point or multi-point)

Solving network problems for system integrators as industrial Ethernet and serial links go wireless

By connecting industrial devices and networks over a wireless link, the Anybus Wireless Bridge family makes life easier for system integrators and automation engineers needing to create connections through e.g. hazardous areas, hard-to-reach locations, or moving installations where cables are not desirable. The Anybus Wireless Bridge is a proven solution to bridge popular industrial Ethernet standards such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP, as well as serial networks, and provides users with a robust and maintenance-free wireless connection.

Depending on architectural needs, the Anybus Wireless Bridges can be used for point-to-point cable replacement as well as for connecting several wireless nodes.

Industrial quality

“There are many wireless solutions on the market today, but few can offer the reliable and sturdy connections required for industrial use,” comments Niklas Selander, Product Manager at HMS. “The Anybus Wireless Bridge for Ethernet has been a popular product of ours for several years and as we can see that the industrial market is now becoming more receptive to wireless solutions, we are now expanding our wireless offering. The Anybus Wireless Bridge offering is now the third leg of our Anybus gateway solutions complementing the Anybus X-gateway™ and Anybus Communicator™ families.”