Control S7 PLCs over Ethernet with MPI Adaptor, Access PROFIBUS

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Replaces CP communications processors to program, visualize and control S7 PLCs over Ethernet

Hilscher North America announces availability of the netLINK-MPI, an adaptor that enables direct communication between two or more PLCs over Ethernet. It’s also possible to connect multiple PLCs that don’t have an internal Ethernet connection, by using the netLINK adaptor.

Available as a directly mountable adaptor or as a DIN rail mount, netLINK-MPI not only replaces expensive CP communications processors but also frees up valuable slot space, enabling programming, visualization and control of S7-200, S7-300 and S7-400 PLCs over Ethernet.

NL 50-MPI_mit SIMATICThe provided driver integrates into all common SIMATIC S7 engineering tools, such as STEP7 and TIA portal, as the PG/PC programming interface. The device is set up within the engineering tool or with conventional web browsers over the integrated web configuration pages. Full PROFIBUS diagnostics and Master Class 2 DPV1 services are available, enabling unrestricted DP Slave device configuration and parameterization in STEP7.

The netLINK-MPI adaptors can program or change S7-PLC control programs and can serve to engineer HMI devices with WinCC visualization software. By supporting the “ISO on TCP” RFC1006 Ethernet protocol, any third-party or SIMATIC visualization station can be coupled to the PLC. Since standard TCP/IP protocol access mechanisms are used, remote maintenance and logging over a router is possible once the netLINK-MPI is integrated into the office or plant network and connected to the internet.

Power is supplied by a 24 V DC. If supported by the S7 PLC, the netLINK-MPI adaptor alternatively may be powered over the DSUB9 connector and its extra feed-through DSUB9 connector used to connect additional devices to the same MPI/DP network.

  • Parallel communication to 32 PLCs with up to 16 TCP connections
  • Direct PLC-to-PLC communication, also as projected connection
  • Works with all S7 engineering tools including TIA Portal
  • Web-based configuration, protocol support of RFC1006 and DHCP
  • Full access to PROFIBUS diagnostics and services in STEP7
  • Automatic DP/MPI baud rate detection