HARTING launches Next Generation Ha-VIS mCon Ethernet switches with Integrated PROFINET I/O Stack

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HARTING’s two newest, fully managed Ethernet switches – the Ha-VIS mCon 3000 Next Generation – have been optimized for fast deployment in the harshest industrial environments to support today’s increasingly sophisticated network structures. These newest switches in the Ha-VIS mCon 3000 lineup deliver high availability, network security, monitoring and reliability and are designed for mounting on top-hat rails in control cabinets. With their PROFINET I/O stack, mCon 3000 NG switches can be deployed and incorporated seamlessly into existing and new PROFINET applications. These new switches also are compatible with other industrial Ethernet based protocols including EtherNet/IP. mCon 3000 NG Ethernet switches can be configured using a web interface, command line interface, SNMP or the multifunction button located in front, which provides additional options for fast, basic configuration. Ha-VIS mCon 3000 switches also are equipped with an SD card slot allowing for existing configurations to be stored as backup or for transferring to another SD card-equipped Ha-VIS mCon for fast commissioning.

Pressphoto.Ha-VIS.mConThe Ha-VIS mCon 3000 Next Generation comes in two models: the 3080-A with eight 10/100Base-T(X) RJ45 ports and the 3102-AASFP with eight 10/100Base-T(X) ports and two 10/100/1000Base-T(X) combo ports with SFP slots for either copper or fiber optic lines. All ports are managed, non-blocking and support auto-crossing, auto-negotiation and auto-polarity. With an operating temperature range of -40oC to +70oC (-40oF to 158oF) and features like Media Redundancy Protocol and Precision Time Protocol, these switches are well-suited for a wide range of applications and operating environments, such as factory automation and robotics, marine systems as well as wind and solar power installations.