Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches Stand for High Efficiency and Performance

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2014-01-27_AD_eCon_2000-3000High efficiency and performance, along with simple and quick operation – the new Ha-VIS eCon Unmanaged Ethernet Switches place a premium on meeting these demands. Tested and optimized for industrial Ethernet, including PROFINET, and designed for jobs in harsh industrial environments, over 150 new unmanaged Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches equally enable the cost-effective expansion of existing network infrastructures, as well as the development of new industrial networks. The compact, cost-effective Plug & Play switches can be easily and quickly put into operation. Two different compact, space-saving housing designs guarantee the best possible use of available space in the switch cabinet. With intelligent adjustments of power consumption, the new Ha-VIS eCon switches reduce the energy usage by up to 50% along with lower heat generation. Powerful Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), full Gigabit Ethernet and an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +70°C broaden the wide product portfolio with additional functionality. Thanks to their approval for use in industry as well as the maritime market and transportation technology, the switches can be optimally selected for each application.