Anybus CompactCom 40-series Certified for PROFINET 2.31

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The new Anybus CompactCom 40-series from HMS Industrial Networks has passed certification for PROFINET Version 2.31, certified for use with the highest conformance class (C) as well as the highest netload class (III).

The Anybus CompactCom 40-series provides industrial devices with multi-network connectivity with a specific focus on industrial Ethernet. It is especially suitable for Profinet-CompactComhigh-end industrial applications with high performance demands and is available in chip, brick and module formats.

The 40-series solution for PROFINET enables very fast communication between the host device and PROFINET (process data latency is less than 15μs through the module) and supports PROFINET RT Class 1 and 3. It comes with an integrated PROFINET IRT Ethernet switch and supports PROFINET functions such as MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol), Clock-Synchronous Operation, Fast Start Up, and PROFIenergy.

CompactCom is also equipped with a black channel interface enabling PROFIsafe communication. When used in combination with the IXXAT Safe T100 safety module, HMS can therefore offer a complete communication solution for functional safety.

Ready for Industrial Internet of Things

Apart from supporting advanced PROFINET functionality, the CompactCom 40-series also provides users with powerful IT functions running simultaneously with the PROFINET real-time functions. IT functionality includes, for example, a socket interface giving the possibility to send a complete Ethernet frame (up to 1500 bytes), built-in web pages, file system, and firmware upgrade via FTP etc.

The 40-series also comes with security functions such as mandatory software signatures to prevent unauthorized software to be downloaded to the product, and encryption is used to prevent illicit copying.

CompactCom PROFINET is available in versions for regular copper cabling as well as for fiber optics.

Early adopter of PROFINET 2.31

“The fact that the CompactCom 40-series now conforms to the latest PROFINET standards shows that we continue to be at the forefront when it comes to PROFINET connectivity,” comments Leif Malmberg, Product Line Manager for embedded products at HMS. “PROFINET is an advanced network which puts very high demands on industrial devices, so it is a good proof-of-concept that the CompactCom 40-series lives up to PI’s latest demands.” (PI=PROFIBUS and PROFINET International)

One development project gives access to any other network

By implementing the CompactCom 40-series, users get connectivity to EtherCAT, POWERLINK, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, CC-Link, PROFINET, and PROFIBUS. Since the release in 2014, the 40-series technology has been evaluated and certified by the network organizations. This means that device manufacturers who implement Anybus CompactCom 40-series will have a pre-certified network interface, speeding up the certification process for their products.

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