HARTING preLink: Installation Technology with Process Reliability

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Robust connection technology / Basis for reliable data streams

Robust and easy to install connection technology – involving only a few separate and simple, quick and reliable to install even under extreme conditions – forms the basis for reliable data streams. This requirements profile derived from practice leads to the concept of the preLink® connectors from the HARTING Technology Group, where the connector face and wiring range consist of two mutually compatible sub-assemblies.

HARTING2 (Custom)

The wiring range is implemented by the preLink termination block that accepts up to eight conductors and can be connected up in one work step with the preLink assembly tool. This simple and speedy assembly procedure remains the same for all preLink products. Thanks to the feedback from the assembly pliers, fitters can be sure that the wiring up has been performed properly. This also makes preLink fault-resilient.

Besides the already available preLink RJ45 jacks, the preLink RJ45 connector with IP20 type suffix and the Han® PushPull in accordance with V.14 (PROFINET and AIDA conformant) are now available.

preLink RJ45 connectors in IP20 are especially suitable for the connection of devices in the field. Data capture terminals, controllers or WLAN access points can be connected up quickly and securely with preLink.

The preLink range is rounded off by M12 connectors D-coded for Fast Ethernet (100Mbit/s) and X-coded for Gigabit Ethernet or 10GB.