New Multi-Channel PROFINET IO Weight Transmitter from LAUMAS

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TLM8 PROFINET IOLAUMAS extends its range of weight transmitters for PC-PLC, offering the new TLM8 PROFINET IO, with Slave PROFINET IO port, graphic display, and 8 independent reading channels for load cells. The TLM8 transmitter offers the benefits and performance of an advanced digital weighing system even using analog load cells.


  • Mounting: Omega/DIN rail for back panel or IP67 junction box
  • Analog output 16bit
  • RS485 serial port for Modbus RTU
  • Slave PROFINET IO port.


Among the most innovative features:

  • RS485 (Modbus RTU)/fieldbus transmission of the divisions for the 8 independent reading channels.
  • TEST key: direct access to the diagnostic functions with graphically display of the current load distribution on each active channel with archive backups: storing, retrieving, printing.
  • Digital equalization: the instrument allows to equalize the connected load cells response in a fast and reliable over time avoiding use of junction boxes with trimmer.
  • Significant events archive (zeroing, calibration, equalization, alarms): storing, retrieving, printing.
  • Automatic diagnostics: the instrument is designed to store the percentage value of load distribution for each channel. The diagnostic function makes comparisons between the recorded values and if a significant variation between the values is detected during normal operation, the instrument displays an alarm alternating with the weight value. Depending on the weighing system type it’s possible to perform:
    • Load diagnostics: load distribution control in constant barycenter systems (e.g. liquids silo).
    • Diagnostics on zero: check on load cells drift state (for example, silo, weighbridge, platforms)

Internationally recognized certifications:

  • UL Recognized Component – United States and Canada
  • Customs Union Certification – Russian Federation standards
  • OIML R76:2006 (European Directive 2009/23/EC (NAWI)