PI South East Asia Seminar in the Philippines

The PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association South East Asia has conducted its first PROFIBUS/PROFINET Seminar of 2015. The seminar was conducted in Cebu, Philippines at the Radisson Hotel on 5th of March 2015 and a total of 115 people from various industries, distributors, system integrators, and universities attended.

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Full house at the Cebu Seminar

The seminar was supported by Leoni Kerpen, Presidium Controls & Industrial Technologies Corp., Siemens, and Turck. These companies provided live demonstrations of their products and solutions at a Microfair, giving seminar participants the chance to discuss face to face with the experts.

The PROFIBUS/PROFINET multivendor demo was introduced. This showed the wireless integration of PROFIBUS-DP/PA into PROFINET, also the integration of different products and protocols. The live engineering of an IO-System was demonstrated along with PROFINET’s web diagnostic functions and remote services.

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High interest at the Microfair.

The seminar had three parts; news and market updates on PROFIBUS/PROFINET; a PROFIBUS Block, with presentations on installations and best practices; and a PROFINET Block with presentations on innovative Industrial Ethernet solutions as well as the new features available. Due to the Participation of Presidium Controls it was also possible to present various application examples from the local Cebu area.
Bernd Lieberth, President of the Regional PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association, presented the latest news, including the world sales figures. PROFIBUS increased its installed base by 3.6 Mio nodes in 2014, which means the total installed base is now in excess of 47.4 Mio nodes. PROFINET also grew, from 5.8 Mio nodes last year in 2013 to 7.6 Mio nodes in 2014. Bernd Lieberth also introduced the Reference Story out of Mexico in the automotive industry which showed the strength and clear advantages of PROFINET with an installed system of 10.000 nodes on a PROFINET network.

Mr Jopriz Zamora (Presidium Controls) presented best practice applications and training services for the local Cebu area.

The day ended with presentations on PROFINET by Bernd Lieberth. With PROFINET, PI has developed a comprehensive Industrial Ethernet networking standard from the experience gained from PROFIBUS. The result is open and manufacturer-neutral. PROFINET meets all of the requirements for using Ethernet at all levels, and in all automation applications. It is flexible, reliable, and robust in any industrial environment. PROFINET offers new possibilities too, such as redundancy, shared device, intelligent devices, wireless connectivity, and much more.

The seminar in Cebu is part of a continuing seminar series in ASEAN countries. Bernd Lieberth said: “We achieved a high participation rate thanks to the support of our local members, who helped us with the organization during the event. We will continue our seminar series this year. We will keep you posted on our webpage www.sea.profinet.com.

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Members supported this Event

That was also the last seminar of our President Bernd Lieberth (4th from left), the new man leading the PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association is Mr. Jorey Guzman (2nd from right) who will continue the activities of the Association in South East Asia from May 2015 onwards.