PROFIBUS Diagnosis for Everyone – Smart Monitoring – Integrated Monitoring

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The intelligent PROFIBUS measuring point

iPBMA, a non-reactive measuring point and active bus termination which also provides Profibus analysis.

The intelligent Profibus measuring point iPBMA satisfies the requirement for a non-reactive Profibus measuring point together with simplified network monitoring. Network stability can thus be analyzed automatically and easily without requiring any in-depth Profibus knowledge. iPBMA analyzes and continuously evaluates logical and physical network parameters. The telegram traffic is checked for logically correct operation while at the same time making sure that the signal shape lies within its pre-defined range.

The status is displayed optically by means of an LED color change at the measuring point. This makes it possible for any deterioration in the quality of the communication to be detected at an early stage by simple analysis and allows troubleshooting to be carried out. Measuring points should be installed at the start and the end of each Profibus segment.

The switchable terminating resistor provides for active and reliable Profibus network termination. Pre-switched network components can be replaced, turned off or removed without any effects on the Profibus communication. The sub-D socket allows a non-reactive connection of appropriate diagnostic tools (e.g. PROFI-TM Professional, PROFtest II and PB-INspektor) without any interruptions to plant operation.