Safety Meets Ex i: One Module, Twice the Safety

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A new 4-channel digital input module integrates functional safety and intrinsic safety into one single I/O module of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750.

Approved for a wide variety of applications: with its fieldbus-independent design that features finely modular components, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM readily meets all the requirements made of distributed fieldbus systems. The system’s modularity is also reflected in its support of numerous fieldbus systems. Depending on the application, it is possible to choose between fieldbus couplers and controllers (PLC) for different protocols. With 400+ digital, analog and specialty I/O modules, the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 offers scalable performance and high integration density with an unbeatable price/performance Safety meets Ex i 4-kanaals digitale ingangsklem_20130221 (Custom)ratio.

Just 24 mm wide but with guaranteed safety: The 750-663 for PROFIsafe applications is used when safety of personnel is called for in hazardous Zones 0 and 1. This 4-channel digital module is installed in the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 together with the classic automation components in Zone 2. The four intrinsically safe inputs with functional safety can be used for safety functions up to “SIL 3” and “Cat. 4 PLe.” Despite the combined features, the requirements for users during commissioning remain the same: The safety interface for the new 4-channel digital input module is identical to that for a pure safety I/O module from WAGO.

The input data for the 750-663, together with the other process data, is transferred using PROFIsafe protocols V1 and V2 on one fieldbus line. Inputs are continually monitored for cross circuits and voltage supply from separate sources. Different settings can be made in the I/O module using the WAGO-I/O-CHECK configuration software, such as the operating mode, activating and de-activating of test pulses and discrepancy and filter times. Fieldbus technology for hazardous areas is particularly vital to both process (grain/coal mills, bio-gas/cement plants) and power industries (gas/oil production facilities).