View and Control PROFIBUS PLCs Using Web Browsers

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Monitor machinery from any mobile device

Hilscher’s netLINK SCADA allows the user to operate and monitor SIMATIC S7® controlled applications over the web. The device links to the PLC via PROFIBUS or MPI and builds a web site displaying the contents of the PLC on any web browser. The bus connector is looped through to allow seamless integration into existing PROFIBUS/MPI netLINK-SCADA-composite (2)installations. netLINK SCADA can be powered from an external supply with 24 V or directly over the S7 PLC connector.

The visualization project is stored in the connector without consuming any resources of the PLC, ideal for retrofit projects. The web visualization pages are accessed with any of the common web browsers, without having to use plugins such as ActiveX,® Flash,® Java® or Silverlight™. Multiple browsers at a time can be supported.

Although native web technology is being used, there is no HTML code programming necessary. Front-end page creation and dynamic elements are easily and quickly configured with a few mouse clicks. Standard features include color change, movement, scaling, user rights, multilingual support, and the support of all common graphic formats.

In addition to the monitoring of online data, netLINK SCADA supports Alarming and Acknowledgment and Data Trending. A large catalog of high-quality graphics designed for the industrial sector is optionally available as a library.

  • Upgrade a PROFIBUS/MPI SIMATIC S7 system into a fully featured visualization and control system.
  • Access machine or process data using browser-enabled mobile phone, tablet or computer–at any time and from anywhere.
  • Import symbols and variables directly from a STEP 7® project.
  • Minimize set-up time with point-and-click engineering tools.