Certified Network Engineer and Developer Classes

Often students at the PROFINET one-day training classes wish for a hands-on experience.  Given the class sizes, this is not practical. For an in-depth, hands-on class, PI offers Certified Network Engineer classes. These fee-based classes are a week long.

Theoretical and practical examinations are conducted at the end of the class. Students who pass both exams are certified and listed on the PI international website.

In North America PROFIBUS DP/PA and PROFINET classes are offered. PROFIBUS classes will be offered in Johnson City, TN by the PROFI Interface Center (PIC) and in Peterborough, ON at the Siemens Canada Learning Center. PROFINET classes will be offered in Johnson City, Seattle, and Detroit by the PIC.

For the 2016 calendar, visit the PI North America website.

For a list of global classes, visit the PI international website.

New in North America are customized Developer classes offered by the PIC. These classes are tailored to individual development teams who are adding PROFINET to their product. They can be held at the PIC or at the user’s facility. Details are available at the PIC’s website.

For background on the PROFINET development process, view the webinar “The Rapid Way to PROFINET.”

For specific information on the process of certifying a PROFINET product, view the webinar “A Guide to PROFINET Product Certification.”