Product News – February 2016

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Balluff, Banner, and Murrelektronik have IO-Link product news.  GE’s Automation and Controls provides a video first-look at their high-density I/O with PROFINET connectivity.  Softing provides a PROFIBUS PA developer kit and a story of using their tools for PROFIBUS diagnostics.  Industrial Data Xchange announces a StarNET Gateway for PROFIBUS.

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Balluff: New Bi-directional Inductive Coupler powered by IO-Link

Balluff is pleased to announce the expansion of its IO-Link enabled Inductive Coupling product family to include bi-directional IO-Link communication. The Balluff inductive coupling solution enables transfer of power and data over a small air gap – making it ideally suited in the industrial space, where getting I/O in hard to reach places or to moving components is a challenge.

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Banner: Q4X Laser Distance Sensor Now Available with IO-Link

Banner Engineering announces its industry-recognized Q4X laser distance sensor is now available with dual discrete outputs and IO-Link configuration. Dual discrete outputs enable the Q4X to solve challenging high/low monitoring fill level or dancer arms applications, while IO-Link allows for remote configuration, sensor backup and easier preventative maintenance.

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GE Automation and Controls: RSTi-EP I/O with PROFINET

Smarter architecture—from planning to operation, the new RSTi-EP supports faster processes and opens up new possibilities for intelligent system architecture. With powerful flexibility and simple handling, GE’s RSTi-EP I/O is the perfect answer to growing complexity in today’s connected industries. A first look…

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Murrelektronik Revolutionizes IO-Link with IODD on Board

Now you can set up machines and systems with IO-Link devices even faster. Murrelektronik is the first manufacturer to offer “IODD on board” which allows you to “Plug & Play” when integrating IO-Link devices.

Softing: Fast and Easy Implementation of PROFIBUS PA Field Devices

As a product highlight at the embedded world trade fair Softing presents the next generation of its successful communication module commModule PD (successor to the Fieldbus Kit FBK-2) for the integration of FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA functionality in field devices.

Softing: From zero to diagnostics superhero

Using Softing tools to diagnose PROFIBUS network issues.

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Industrial Data Xchange: StarNET Gateway for PROFIBUS

The IDX StarNET Gateway is a specialised industrial communication gateway that allows legacy GEM series controllers and related devices using common variants of the GEM StarNET protocol to be interfaced with modern industrial control systems and equipment. The Gateway allows multiple configurable StarNET HDLC and ESP links to be interfaced to a variety of modern fieldbuses, but PROFIBUS has thus far proven to be the most popular choice.

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