Regional News – May 2016


Seminars at Ambev, Klabin, and Anglo American

Associação Profibus Brasil promoted an on-site seminar at yet another Ambev plant, this time at Cervejaria Adriática, located in Ponta Grossa, PR. Being one of the newest Ambev plants, Cervejaria Adriática had its startup one year ago, in May 2015. Today there are a total of 400 employees and it produces brands like Brahma, Skol, Antártica and, in the near future, Budweiser. There are also plans to start production of a new beer, the Adriática Beer. Cervejaria Adriática employs both PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET technologies.

The Klabin plant in Telêmaco Borba, PR, also received a training seminar. The audience consisted of 30 professionals that take part in the PUMA Project, one of the largest cellulose plants in the world. Like with other classes the morning consisted of theoretical presentations, while the afternoon revolved around practical demonstrations.

Engineers, managers, supervisors, and technicians from Anglo American took part in a seminar held in São João da Barra, RJ. Of note was the lecture of Eduardo Quintão, from Maintenance Engineering of Anglo American. He presented a general overview of Anglo American’s PROFIBUS networks. PROFIBUS DP is used for the actuators and drives (14 DP networks) and Profibus PA is used in the instrumentation (78 instruments on 9 segments).


On May 25, 2016, be on the front row at the Automation Innovation Summit hosted by Profibus Australia, as industry leaders, government representatives, policy makers and researchers engage in vigorous debate about the Innovation Statement, and the impact it will have on the industrial automation sector.

The Innovation Statement has created a renewed sense of optimism and excitement throughout the business community. But as with any government policy, questions remain to be answered. The debate and panel discussion will look at key issues such as:

  • How can industry, business, politicians, and R&D organizations and institutions work together to bridge the gap between research and commercialization?
  • While start-ups are exciting and important, what policies and programs can the government enact to provide better support for established small-to-medium sized enterprises and manufacturers?
  • How can industry and politicians come together to address the short-term challenges facing the Australian industry, such as the current skills shortage and the continual bleeding of jobs?

What practical innovations can SMEs take on, to create new client experiences, improve performance, and kickstart a new era of smart productivity?

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PI in Proces - 9 juni 2016-1 copyIn the port of Rotterdam, with one of the largest petrochemical clusters in the world and a large network of offshore companies, we see immense adoption of Industrial Communication networks.

Talks include:

  • Industrial Communication in the Process Industry
  • Flexibility in the Harbor by Creative Design
  • The Right Signal to in the Process Field
  • PROFIBUS in Potentially Explosive Environments
  • Carefree Instrument Replacement in PROFINET
  • IO-Link: Point to Point

On the 9th of June, PI Netherlands is organizing a short workshop about the possibilities for using Industrial Communication in the process industry. You can eliminate downtime and bring maintenance time to a minimum by integrating networks like PROFIBUS and PROFINET. These are some of the many benefits to be discussed.

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Meanwhile back in March, PI Netherlands participated at the “Industrial Ethernet” event, also in Rotterdam. Topics included the Industrial Internet of Things, VPN tunneling, the safe use of WiFi, remote access, optical fiber cabling, and Defense in Depth network security.