Regional News – January 2017

Regional PI Associations in Australia, China, Middle East, and the UK have news in this issue. PI Australia looks back at 2016 and ahead to 2017. PI China appeared in the exhibition of the 2016 China International Industry Fair in Shanghai. PI Middle East hosted a PROFIday and conducted a PROFIBUS class in Dubai; they are planning a design course. PI UK is supporting (and offering discounts) to Industry 4.0 Summit & Factory of the Future Expo in 2017.

PI Australia

From Chairman Rafael Koenig:

As 2016 draws to a close, the PAA can feel justifiably proud of its recent achievements, most notably the successful hosting of the “Automation Innovation Summit” in May.

Looking ahead, I predict a year of change and challenge for our members and the technologies we represent. Digitalisation and the mega trends of Industry 4.0 and IIoT are now a fundamental fact of life and Australian industry needs to adapt and be part of it.

Read his whole statement and PI Australia’s full newsletter here.

PI Australia

PI China

The 18th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) was held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) November 1-5, 2016. China PROFIBUS & PROFINET Association (PI China) appeared in the exhibition of CIIF-Industrial Automation Show (IAS) 5.1H. The 72 sqm booth took “Professionalization, Internationalization, Marketization and Branding” as its direction, focused on advanced hotspots. It attracted a lot of professionals.

At the beginning of booth design, the PI China booth revolved around the theme “Innovation, Intelligent and Green,” divided into three special areas– an intelligent factory software / hardware demo, a PROFINET multivendor device wall, and members’ individual areas.

The Intelligent Factory Software / Hardware Demo was Eye-Catching

The intelligent factory software and hardware demo was designed and integrated by ITEI, where PI China’s secretariat is settled. This demo used an assembled train model to simulate the overall production process from customer order, to production and processing, to logistics storage, to optional configuration, and even customization. The whole process of the demo showed the monitoring and control to track the automation, information technology, and intelligence. In addition, all the work stations were marked with a QR code, and RFID technology is used for real time identification. An MES is used to uniformly allocate processing instructions. The production processing is conducted automatically, such as sorting materials of robots, feedstock, CNC machining, welding, assembly, and order information confirmation. It not only improves the availability of devices, but also increases the production efficiency. Of course the intelligent factory software and hardware demo platform uses the Chinese national standard GB/T25105.1~3-2014——PROFINET as its main communication platform. The demo platform also integrates PROFIBUS, AS-interface, and IO-Link technologies which are widely used in the market.

Many Highlights on the 6 meter PROFINET Multivendor Device Wall

5The six-meter long PROFINET multivendor wall installed more than 70 PROFINET devices, including PROFINET controllers, frequency converters, encoders, IO modules, weighing instruments, control panels, servo-controllers, gateways, switches, and PROFINET development components. PROFINET devices from local vendors accounted for 70% of the total area of the PROFINET device wall! It’s the first time that the number exceeded the number of PROFINET devices displayed by foreign companies. This year’s participation in the PROFINET multivendor wall also had a record number of members.

In addition, the PROFINET development components area had 12 companies represented, including Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Hilscher, Molex, HMS, D&A, Profichip, and Nanjing Chengda control. R&D audiences learned how to develop PROFINET devices and receive technical support during the development process.

PI China Members’ Areas

PI China in conjunction with more than 10 member companies which provide intelligent solutions and PROFIBUS & PROFINET products and services attended the exhibition. Members included Siemens, Phoenix Contact, GE Automation & Control, Microcyber, P+F, HSM Sweden, D&A Germany, SiboTech, Nanjing Chengda control, Beijing Ving Fieldbus and more. The member companies shared PROFIBUS & PROFINET experience and technology with users based on PI China’s platform, thus leveraging the real advantage of membership with the ubiquitous presence of PROFIBUS and PROFINET users.

PI China

PI Middle East

It is widely accepted that the most important decisions are made during the design stage of a project. This presentation examines the fundamental principles of good network design for PROFIBUS and PROFINET systems, discusses the main factors to be considered at the design stage of an automation system… and much more.  Mr. Andy Verwer will be coming from the UK to explain this for two days. He has been working as a consultant for more than 20yrs in this field and he will be happy to give his experience to the Gulf region.

The Schedule: Monday February 6, 2017 at 10:00 AM GST to Tuesday February 7, 2017 at 4:00 PM GST


PI Middle East


PI UK is participating in two events in Manchester, 4-5th April 2017. Registration for both events is open. Use reference IND4PRO to claim the discount:

Industry 4.0 Summit registration

The Future of Manufacturing Things

UK’s first Industry 4.0 Summit & Factory of the Future Expo

industry-4-0-summit-logo-jpegMembers of PI qualify for a 30% discount off the price of conference at the UK’s first Industry 4.0 Summ­it, a ­dedicated conference &­ exhibition for Indus­try 4.0. The conferen­ce will look at key i­ssues surrounding Ind­ustry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smar­t factories & digital­ manufacturing, and f­eature government pol­icy, strategies, busi­ness models, and a nu­mber of Industry 4.0 case stud­ies.

PI will have a strong presence at this event, where we will be hosting a Round Table discussion featuring PI’s key technologies for IIoT, PROFINET, and IO-Link.