Product News – May 2017

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There were multiple product announcements leading up to Hannover Fair. PROCENTEC announced a new diagnostic tool for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Comtrol presented one new product; PROVERTHA, two; Siemens, two; and Turck, four new products. Click the headline for details.

Comtrol IO-Link to OPC UA

Comtrol Corporation announced the availability of OPC-UA support with its MultiLink technology on its IO-Link Master family of products.

Comtrol’s MultiLink technology allows IO-Link Masters to simultaneously provide sensors Process data to PLC platforms, while also sending the sensors ISDU Service and Process data via OPC-UA upstream to IIoT/Industry 4.0 Cloud solutions or factory SCADA systems. Comtrol’s IO-Link Masters are available with PROFINET, which is capable of running OPC UA with MultiLink.


Atlas is a compact device within a robust housing that can be plugged in to your network. An easy to use web application will allow you to see and reach all information inside your network, which makes monitoring easier. Atlas features a graphical and hierarchical Topology, showing all devices in the network, and a display of your network’s health.

PROVERTHA 90-degree Adapter

PROVERTHA announces a new M12 90° adapter within the scope of its extensive M12 connector range. The new adapter is available in versions for Profinet and Profibus. Its extremely compact dimensions make it ideal for tight installation situations with minimal installation depth.

PROVERTHA Gender Changer

PROVERTHA presents a new M12 gender changer within the scope of its extensive M12 connector range. Gender changers make it possible to connect cables with the same type of connectors (female/female or male/male). The new M12 gender changer is available in versions for Profinet and Profibus. It is available as B, D and A-coded versions (5 and 8 poles).

Siemens PROFINET Switches for Process Automation

Siemens offers Scalance XF-200BA, a new line of compact switches. The flexible use of various bus adapters allows users to set up electrical and optical line, star, and ring structures. Bus adapters are available with RJ45, SCRJ, and LC connection systems. Two types of switches are available: Scalance XF204-2BA, a standard switch for universal, cross-industry use, and the Scalance XF204-2BA DNA Y-switch for special tasks in process automation. An extended temperature range from -40 to +70° C together with approval for use in hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 2, IECEx) allow reliable use, even in harsh environments.

Siemens HMI with PROFIenergy

The new Simatic HMI Comfort Panels PRO with total IP65 degree of protection have brilliant, continuously dimmable widescreen displays with 16 million colors and up to 170 degree angle of vision. The nonreflecting glass front has a modern design with a scratchproof, chemical resistant surface that allows operation with gloves. The Comfort Panels PRO are equipped with an integrated system card for automatic backups, and are also suitable for energy management directly on the machine, for example with PROFIenergy.

Turck PROFINET Camera

Besides five optically isolated and programmable inputs and outputs for unlimited configuration options, and also a trigger input, the camera also comes with a lighting connection for controlling external light sources. The camera can be used in industrial Ethernet networks with Profinet or other protocols.

Cabinet Guard

Turck is showcasing the IM12-CCM cabinet guard at the Hannover Messe. The device detects incorrectly closed doors as well as the exceeding of moisture and temperature limits. It also detects unauthorized access to switch cabinets, thus providing protection against manipulation in compliance with IT security regulations. The slim 12.5 mm DIN-rail device can also be installed easily in existing switch cabinets. Parameters can be set via IO-Link or an FDT framework such as PACTware.

Turck Ultrasonic Sensor

Turck has added a variant with an IO-Link output to its basic “Compact” series of ultrasonic sensors. Users can use IO-Link for the process values or continue to use the switching output of the sensor. The switch point is taught via IO-Link or via a teach adapter as before. Besides the known benefits of IO-Link, such as inexpensive wiring, intelligent data retention or predictive maintenance, the sensor offers a special mute function feature. This enables the selective switching on or off of the sonic transducer via the IO-Link master. This simplifies the synchronized or staggered operation (multiplex) of several sensors via the controller. Synchronous or multiplex operation were previously only possible by using complex wiring solutions.

Turck Encoder

A variant with an IO-Link interface completes Turck’s portfolio of wear-free stainless steel encoders. The robust stainless steel variants of the contactless QR24 inductive encoder series are specially designed for operation in applications with particular requirements for cleaning or for extreme environmental conditions, such as in the food and beverage or heavy industry. The EQR24 series consists of models with SSI, incremental, analog, and IO-Link outputs.