New Products – August 2017

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There are nine new products to announce this month: PROFIBUS fiber optic repeater & new PROFINET cable from Belden; BEx-Solution offers a PROFINET I/O product for hazardous environments; Laumas has weight transmitters with PROFINET; Phoenix Contact introduces new PROFINET connectors; SICK presents an IO-Link flow sensor; Tolomatic announces an integrated servo motor and drive with PROFINET; and Vivace offers two PROFIBUS PA products.

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Belden PROFIBUS Fiber Optic Repeater

Belden Inc. has released a new version of its PROFIBUS fiber optic repeater. The OZD Profi 12M G22 allows PROFIBUS networks to communicate over longer distances through fast and reliable fiber optic signals, while also guaranteeing signal reliability through integrated redundancy technology.

Belden PROFINET Cable

Belden, Inc. has released its new DataTuff Cat6A PROFINET cables, designed to support the growing demand for high-volume data transfer from the factory floor. These cables transmit data up to 10Gb/s and provide the reliable, ruggedized and flexible connections required in environments built for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Remote I/O System – In Ex-Area

BEx-Solution is the world’s first manufacturer presenting a decentralized compact and explosion proof Remote IO System with PROFINET for hazardous area zone 1/21. During development, special attention was paid on, robustness, multifunctionality and plug & play. 32 intrinsically safe channels distributed to eight digital and analogue inputs and outputs provide direct connection of sensors and actuators from zone 0/20. The metal housing and the special potting technology ensure safe operation under extreme ambient conditions.

Laumas PROFINET IO series Multi-channel Weight Transmitters

The transmitters represent the innovation of a product already at the forefront as the TLB by introducing some important new features and improvements; the new enclosure provides a greater flexibility of use than the TLB series and can be installed on the front or back panel depending on the application requirements.

Robust Power Connectors for PROFINET Applications

The new connectors of the push-pull Advance series from Phoenix Contact safely and reliably transmit power up to 16 A/24 V. The connection principle of the one-piece zinc die-cast housing corresponds with the push-pull data connector. This means that the IP65/IP67 connectors are particularly suitable for uniform Profinet cabling in an industrial environment. The integrated locking system offers additional safety, by reliably preventing the accidental release of connectors. The connectors are available in two versions for cable diameters from 6.5 mm to 9.5 mm as well as from 9 mm to 13 mm.

SICK IO-Link Flow Sensor

The new non-contact DOSIC® ultrasonic flow sensor is used to detect the flow volume of conductive and non-conductive liquids. With its measurement channel and stainless-steel housing, the ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for measuring tasks in hygienic and highly demanding environments.

Tolomatic Integrated Servo Motor and Drive Now with PROFINET

The Tolomatic ACSI integrated servo/motor/controller is now available with PROFINET Industrial Ethernet protocol, allowing engineers to design easy-to-use and cost-effective electric actuator solutions for single-axis applications. The integrated package is ideal for replacing pneumatic cylinders and automating any simple axis of motion with Siemens or other PROFINET enabled PLCs.

Vivace VRP10-O: Profibus PA Fiber Optic Repeater

VRP10-O was designed to be used in Profibus PA networks, allowing that Profibus PA (H1, 31.25 kbits/s) electrical interfaces are converted into optical interfaces and vice versa. This allows half-duplex communication at distances up to 4 km with EMI immunity benefits. It has feature of a Profibus PA repeater and supports 31.25 kbits/s.

Vivace VRI10-P: Profibus PA Remote Indicator

VRI10-P is a remote indicator for Profibus PA networks. It is designed to display up to 10 indication values on LCD display from devices installed on the same Profibus PA segment. The indicator is powered by a 9-32 Vdc voltage and uses the Profibus PA communication protocol for configuration and monitoring of information on the LCD display.