Product News- December 2017

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BLH Nobel Adds PROFINET Support

The BLH Nobel brand of Vishay Precision Group, on November
1, announced the addition of PROFINET support, Factory Mutual (FM) approvals, and French and German language accessibility for its G5 Series of measurement amplifiers. The new PROFINET support module for the BLH Nobel G5 Series allows the modern, user-friendly measurement amplifiers the necessary flexibility to keep pace with the very latest Industrial Ethernet automation standards.

GE Announces Dual Redundancy over PROFINET

GE Power’s Automation & Controls business announces the release of dual redundancy capability on its PACSystems RX3i CPE400 outcome optimizing controller. Building on GE’s controls experience in deploying mission-critical solutions, the CPE400 is designed to function in high-temperature environments. The CPE400 redundancy is powered by the PACSystems High Availability solution over PROFINET. CPE400 utilizes embedded Ethernet technology in a stand-alone controller. The CPE400 is also effective in applications requiring rugged controls as it operates from -40 to +70 temperature range and supports conformal coated option for corrosive environments.

Anybus .NET Bridge for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

HMS Industrial Networks now introduces a new range of Anybus .NET Bridges for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Bridging the gap between Operational Technology (OT) and IT, the .NET bridge family enables data from industrial machinery to be presented to .NET-based IT applications. The result is that .NET programmers can build a PC program which exchanges live data with a PLC system — for statistics, analysis or maintenance.

MESCO Software Library for Safety Drives According to IEC 61800-5-2

During the development of safety drives, a substantial portion of the effort (and costs) involved can be attributed to the implementation of safety functions. MESCO Systems has put together many safety-related functions in one software library. It can be universally deployed and thus allows drive manufacturers to significantly reduce their development costs and shorten development times.

Renesas Announces New RZ/N1 Solution Kit

Renesas announces the availability of the new RZ/N1 microprocessor (MPU) Solution Kit designed to support various industrial network applications including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), intelligent network switches, gateways, operator terminals, and remote I/O solutions. The new RZ/N1 Solution Kit is a complete development package that includes the hardware and software to enable faster prototyping of leading industrial Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET and others, thereby accelerating development of industrial network protocol integration into customers’ applications.

Sinamics V90 drive with 21-bit encoder and PROFINET

The user-friendly servo drive system Sinamics V90 from Siemens is particularly suited as a solution for highly dynamic applications. The system comes not only in the form of a high-inertia variant with 400 volts (V) for applications requiring smooth operation, but also as a 200 V version with low inertia motors where highly dynamic performance is called for. Fitted with either Pulse Train (PTI) or PROFINET, the motion/process data and diagnostic data can be transmitted in real time between Sinamics V90 and Simatic PLCs. The low inertia motor now features an additional absolute single-turn encoder with a resolution of up to 21 bits, allowing it to determine unequivocal position values and so ensure the great positioning accuracy in the applications.