The Latest on PROFIBUS and PROFINET in Brazil

PI Brasil Elevates Communication Platforms

With the purpose of disseminating PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies and, more than that, making them accessible to the national market, PI Brasil has innovated in its communication platforms. It is producing content that transmits information and technical concepts through practical illustrations and animated videos that give life to the usage and importance of these protocols.

Márcio Santos, director of PROFINET for PI Brasil and technical advisor of Siemens commented, “the recent videos released by the association are a new way to explain and demonstrate the operation of the technologies developed and maintained by PI. Specifically in the case of PROFINET, the videos describe it very lightly and understandably, just as it does about the performance of Ethernet and TSN networks.”

Concerning TSN, an evolution of Ethernet networks towards a much higher level of determinism and real-time control in a standardized way, the director explains that the connectivity demands expected by Industry 4.0 can only be really met with network technologies relying upon TSN and the operational and security functionalities existing in the PROFINET and OPC UA protocols. “Therefore, the combination of PROFINET for real-time control and OPC UA for data exchange between machines and corporate / cloud systems, operating on Ethernet TSN networks, is the best strategy to address the high level of connectivity expected in Industry 4.0 architectures.”

Regarding PI Brasil’s new ‘way of communicating’, Santos adds that it is a good initiative. “If in the past people had time and interest in reading long technical papers and White Papers, today it is complicated to do a quality reading of technical subjects. Moreover, there is an avalanche of existing and new technologies being marketed at all times. In this line of thinking, nothing is better than to assimilate knowledge in a fast, practical and directed way through short videos with good visual quality. They are being consumed on mobile phones, tablets or notebooks at the most opportune moments,” he concludes.

PITC São Carlos Gives Training

From February 26 to March 2, the Certified PITC in São Carlos, hosted the PROFIBUS Certified Engineer and Installer Training, promoted by PI Brasil association.

Taught by professor Dr. Dennis Brandão – mechanical engineer with doctorate in Industrial Automation – the course was divided into modules addressing topics such as network layout, extended diagnosis, introduction to PROFIBUS PA, the PA Profile, and DP-V1 telegrams.

During five days, professionals faced a real immersion in theoretical topics that were then applied in practice. This methodology generates a better understanding of past teachings, giving opportunities for asking questions, and consequently, clarification of misunderstandings.

Seminal PROFINET Book Translated

On April 11, PI Brasil released the Portuguese edition of the book ‘Industrial Communication with PROFINET’, by Manfred Popp, at Escola Senai Anchieta, in the city of São Paulo.

Opening the meeting, Robert Gries, CEO of the Association, welcomed the audience by telling a little about the history and work of the organization. Alexandre Baratella Lugli, a professor from the PICC/PITC at INATEL Santa Rita do Sapucaí (MG), also explained the ‘Integration between PROFINET and Industry 4.0’. In the end, participants interacted with the speakers, debating various issues related to the content of the book and the topics presented. Professor Augusto Albuquerque, the school’s director, was presented with a copy, which will be available to students at the local library.

‘Industrial Communication with PROFINET’ is aimed at technicians, technologists, and engineers already active or in the study phase in automation and industrial control systems, with an emphasis on industrial networks. There are 28 chapters that deal with fieldbuses, fundamental concepts, operation, terminology and certifications of the PROFINET network.

To obtain a copy, contact us by phone at (11) 2849-3202 or e-mail