New Products- November 2018

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Schildknecht Launches a Unique Device for Industrial Use

At SPS 2018 Schildknecht will demonstrate the DATAEAGLE Pi, a unique device opening up new possibilities for wireless solutions in the Industrial PC domain.

Schildknecht recently launched its DATAEAGLE 7050 IoT Edge Gateway, to help its customers develop new business models and open up new revenue streams. By creating seamless IoT connectivity, the 7050 together with the DATAEAGLE Portal gives Schildknecht’s customers the opportunity to realize the full potential of their data and develop new business models, like data analysis & visualization, remote updates & maintenance, and in-depth monitoring for predicting component fatigue.


MESCO: Innovative Design Packages for Functional Safety

MESCO offers optimized development solutions based on integrated design packages as well as consulting and workshops in the field of functional safety.  With the latest design packages “Library of Safe Drive Functions” and “SIL 3 Architecture”, safety developments up to SIL3, especially for drive technology and safe I/O modules, can be implemented more efficiently, more simply and with significantly less risk. In addition to a 1oo2 architecture with 2 redundant safety controllers, the new development platform includes an Ethernet controller that supports the most common safe fieldbus systems such as PROFIsafe.

Siemens: Entry-level Solution for Motor Management via Profinet

Siemens has extended the Simocode pro motor management system to include a new basic unit for standard motor applications. Simocode pro V PN GP has a Profinet connection, which facilitates easy entry into Profinet communication. The basic unit is supplemented by a current measuring module. It can be optionally extended by an operator control block and a multifunction module – with additional inputs/outputs, and temperature and ground fault detection. The new compact system for easy, economical motor management is suitable for direct-on-line, reversing, and star-delta (wye-delta) starters as well as for controlling a soft starter.


Softing Extends Diagnostics and Commissioning of PROFINET Industrial Networks

Softing introduces an enhanced version of the proven PROFINET commissioning and diagnostics tool Analyzer IE. The new version is called Analyzer PRO and allows the measurement of passive parameters that give a more detailed insight into the PROFINET network. As an enhanced version of the commissioning and diagnostics tool Analyzer IE, Analyzer PRO includes a TAP (Terminal Access Point) device called “profiTap”. profiTap records network communication such as jitter, load ratio and device update rate.

Vivace: Several New Products VDL10, VMV10, VTT10-FP

VDL10: A Profibus-PA level and density/concentration transmitter. It is suitable for measurements that require high performance and ruggedness.

VMV10: Multivariable transmitter with pressure and temperature on a single Profibus-PA transmitter. It is suitable for application in pressure, level, flow, and density measurements.

VTT10-FP-3: A Profibus-PATemperaturee transmitter with 3 channels. It is suitable for measurements that require high performance and ruggedness.

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