PROFINET Training – Anytime, Anywhere

After the success of the Brazilian PROFINET Road Shows, PI Brazil understood that in a continental country like Brazil it is practically impossible to carry out the technical dissemination of PROFINET information only through face-to-face events. And it has been reported that some people traveled by car for more than 600 km only to partake in a PROFINET Road Show in some regions of Brazil.

With this idea and challenge in mind, PI Brazil has built the PROFINET Online Academy. It is a free, online webinar platform, organized into specific PROFINET topics covering the basics of Ethernet all the way up to best practices when developing with PROFINET. Each 90 minute module covers topics such as safety, cybersecurity, diagnostics, Industry 4.0, process automation, and more.

For Márcio Santos, technical director of PROFINET at PI Brazil, the recorded webinars have become more than just a successful single event. According to him, it is now possible to reach thousands of Brazilian technicians and engineers, who can watch the recordings from anywhere in Brazil and in the world. He ends by saying that the live technical demonstrations at the end of each module enable participants to see in-practice many of the theoretical concepts taught in each section.

The success of the Brazilian PROFINET Online Academy will be replicated by PI Brazil for other PI International technologies, with IO-Link being the next technology to be addressed via this knowledge diffusion model.

The recordings of each module of the Brazilian PROFINET Online Academy are available on the website below (videos only in PT-BR language):