New Products – March 2019

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Integrated Stepper Controller/Drive with Profinet Interface

Advanced Micro Controls Inc. (AMCI), releases their new DC-powered integrated stepper controller/drive package with Profinet communication. AMCI’s new SD4840E2 combines drive and motion control technology into a single product to reduce stepper control system costs and simplify installation. The SD4840E2 integrated controller + drive communicates with the host PLC over the Profinet network, and move commands are easily programmed through the host PLC’s software.

Profinet Device Redundancy

With the release of software version V1.6 of the TPS-1 Profinet single-chip device, Phoenix Contact provides the possibility to connect a Profinet device redundantly with two controllers (Primary and Backup). This new possibility does not require changes of hardware or the application software for existing devices. Only the Profinet stack V1.6 has to be uploaded to the single-chip.

Profinet Automation Library Enhances Lexium MDrive

Announcing the release of a new Automation Library for improved control of industrial devices and motion control components over Profinet networks. The library add-on instructions (AOI) enhance the capabilities of Schneider Electric Motion’s Lexium MDrive® (LMD) products by providing executable code blocks to speed interface with popular Profinet-based PLCs.

Benefit from the Power of Many

Exactly opposite the PI booth at Hannover Messe, you can lead further technical discussions and delve into the world of Industrie 4.0 and IoT. The booth of MindSphere World e.V. within the MindSphere Lounge (Hall 9 Booth D35) offers the perfect forum. 48 members (among which you’ll find quite a number of PI members) are already collaborating to find IoT solutions and to develop new applications.