Member News & Training – October 2019

PROFINET Certification at an testlabs

an testlabs, a PI Test Laboratory, has recently issued its 250th test-report of a PROFINET device. Together with test-reports of profiles and PROFINET-controller certifications, the number has exceeded 400 test-reports, which have been delivered to 22 different vendors. an testlabs offers the complete scope of certification testing for PROFINET equipment.

The laboratory, a department of Siemens, also cooperates on the development of test systems for future certification tests of equipment using the upcoming PROFINET over TSN.

PROFINET in Process Automation Workshop

PROFINET has been gaining more relevance in the process industry over the past couple of years. We meet the need for education with a new,  free workshop for all users and other people interested in introducing PROFINET to their process industry plant. The presentations are given in German language. The first workshop takes place in October in Stuttgart. The next is scheduled for March 16, 2020, in Essen. Find the agenda and possible 2020 dates and places:

Softing PROFIBUS Webinar

Topic: How to use the PROFIBUS Tester 5 to troubleshoot PROFIBUS networks
Date/Time: Oct 22, 2019 11:00 AM in Eastern Time

Please join us for an online Webinar on the PROFIBUS Tester 5. The moderator will introduce the product, briefly discuss typical PROFIBUS issues, and demonstrate the capabilities of the diagnostic tool on a live PROFIBUS network.

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PI Brazil News

PI Brazil at the Technology Week of IFSP in Cubatão – São Paulo

PI Brazil will participate in the National Week of Science and Technology, which takes place from 21 to 26 October, at the Federal Institute of Education, Science, and Technology of São Paulo – Cubatão Campus, with the lecture ‘PROFINET as Backbone of Industry 4.0.’

The presentation will be held on Thursday, October 24th at 7:00 PM. There will also be a demonstration of training kits developed in partnership with associated companies. Registrations are free of charge and can be made at this link:

Registration Link

The theme of the 16th edition of 2019 SNCT is Bioeconomics: Diversity and Wealth for Sustainable Development. The IFSP Cubatão is located at Rua Maria Cristina, 50, in Jardim Casqueiro. The event is open to the public.

Spreading Technologies Over Goias Countryside

In early September, PI Brazil was in the state of Goias countryside, specifically at the location of Rio Verde, promoting its technologies. The first stop was at the BRF-Food company that incorporates more than 3,000 products, in the segments of poultry, pigs, cattle, processed meat, milk, dairy, margarine, pasta, and frozen vegetables, among other items.

The company – which already adopts, in part of the plant, Protocols of the Profibus Association – received an on-site Workshop, which presented the themes ‘Analysis and Diagnosis of Industrial Networks PROFIBUS/PROFINET ‘, and ‘PROFINET as a technology enabler for Industry 4.0.’

Industrial maintenance workers participated in the training, and also had access to training kit demonstrations from various PI Brazil member companies, generating an exchange of ideas and clarification of specific daily issues.

On the 4th, in partnership with SESI/SENAI, the Profibus Association held, at the school headquarters, the Seminar ‘PROFIBUS/PROFINET/IO-Link Technologies’, for students and local professionals and neighboring cities. The event discussed the topics ‘Analysis and Diagnosis of Industrial Networks PROFIBUS/PROFINET’, ‘Panorama of Technology PROFINET,’ and ‘IO-link Technology as a gateway to Industry 4.0’. PI Brazil member companies once again participated with presentations of educational kits, promoting interaction with the public and  the possibilities offered by the universe of PI’s protocols of industrial networks.

PROFINET Certification Training

The PITC – Certified Training Center PROFIBUS/PROFINET, located at the National Institute of Telecommunications (INATEL) – hosted another edition of their PROFINET Certified Engineer course from Aug 19–21. The course, with a total workload of 24 hours, was taught by Alexandre Baratella Lugli – professor and coordinator of Superior Courses in Control and Automation (Engineering and Technology) of INATEL, and by João Pedro Paiva – a PI Certified Engineer for the Installation and Configuration of industrial networks.

Engineers, technologists, and technicians working with industrial automation who want to improve in this area, as well as in industrial networks, will have two more opportunities, later this year, to participate in the training. The next Certified PROFINET Engineer training will take place from Nov 25–27, at INATEL São Paulo-SP, located on Avenida das Nações Unidas, 12,551, 18th floor, in Brooklin Novo.

The full schedule of training events and registrations are available at:

Partnership with SENAI of Pindamonhangaba

PI Brazil, through its general manager, Silas Anchieta, went on a visit to the Senai Training Center of Pindamonhangaba in July, to establish another partnership. He was welcomed by the director of that unit, Paulo Sérgio Torino. Anchieta also talked to Rogério Cardoso, professor of Electronics, that teaches lessons related to PROFIBUS and PROFINET industrial networks.

“I was warmly welcomed, and Torino made the school available so we can work together, aiming to provide more knowledge to future professionals, sharing ideas, experiences and, above all, showing the importance and the possibilities of the communication protocols and Ethernet standards in the Industrial Automation world”, said Silas Anchieta.

IO-Link Director Visit to Coca-Cola in Jundiaí

Also in July, PI Brazil’s IO-Link Technology Director, Bruno Castellani, visited the Coca-Cola FEMSA Brazil factory in Jundiaí-SP. He was received by Automation Coordinator of that unit, Alberto Samogin de Oliveira. Castellani visited the plant’s facilities, the largest in the world in terms of production volume. In discussions with Oliveira, the director introduced the Association and the work it performs to promote industrial networking technologies, either by helping end-user companies through seminars, courses, and webinars. Knowing the main demands of the company, related to IO-Link and Industry 4.0, Castellani also spoke about the possibility of taking joint actions, in the company, aiming to explore the protocols already used by the bottler – PROFIBUS and PROFINET.