New Products – November 2019

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Emerson, Eye Vision Technology, Festo, Leuze, Micro-Epsilon, and TSN Systems announce their fresh new offerings. Click a headline below to learn more about a given new product.

Emerson: Reliability and Visibility Directly from PAC Machine Edition

You need flexible, easy management and monitoring of your control networks. But you can’t compromise on ruggedness or uptime. Our PROFINET Managed Gigabit Ethernet Switches check all these boxes. They combine the power of 1GB Ethernet ports with software management via PAC Machine Edition and automated traffic priority management and integrated topology configuration. Support for network ring redundancy and PROFINET System Redundancy maximizes uptime, saving you troubleshooting time and cost.

EyeVision: EyeCheck 1x1x Series with Motorized Lens

The new EyeCheck smart camera now contains, in the usually compact IP67 housing, a completely motorized lens. Therefore it is easy to adjust to a new field of view and also the depth of field can be set completely without manual adjustments. The new DualCore processor in the camera is specially suited for parallel running tasks. This includes, besides many image evaluation routines, also the parallel execution of the process interfacing via PROFINET. The stack can run completely on the second core, without disturbing the image evaluation and therefore can guarantee that the process integration works securely.

Festo: CPX-AP-I Next-Generation Remote I/O for Pneumatic Installations

The new Festo remote I/O system CPX-AP-I, which improves the performance of mixed valve terminals and I/O systems, is compatible with most communication protocols — including PROFINET. These rugged, compact, and lightweight modules can be mounted directly on machines in IP65/IP67 rated environments. CPX-AP-I comes standard with a pre-integrated IO-Link Master and IO-Link device tool for fast, effective application of IO-Link enabled devices.

Leuze: Precise Control of Double-Depth Positioning Processes

With the new camera-based IPS 400i positioning sensor for high-bay storage devices, Leuze electronic is expanding its IPS range of products with a new model for optical compartment fine positioning. With the integrated TCP/IP interface and PROFINET RT, the IPS 400i can be directly integrated into the network environment and enables quick, location-independent diagnostics. A model with integrated heating for use in refrigerated warehouses down to -30 °C is also available.

Micro-Epsilon: scanCONTROL 3060-25/BL Laser Profile Scanners

The scanCONTROL 3060-25/BL laser profile scanners are designed for precision profile measurements. Their technology makes them suited to measurement tasks in automation environments. Based on the Blue Laser Technology, these sensors are intended to achieve high accuracies. These sensors are primarily used in automation tasks, production, and process monitoring as well as quality control. Generating 2048 measurement points per profile, they achieve X-resolutions of around 12 µm. With a profile frequency up to 10 kHz, these laser scanners are intended for high-speed processes. The optional scanCONTROL Gateway enables the output of measured values via PROFINET.

TSN Systems: PROFINET over TSN Monitoring with TSN Box and TSN Tools

Based on the PROFINET over TSN specification, TSN Systems can already offer a monitoring and analysis tool based on TSN Tools and TSN Box to analyze networks. Especially in the early phases of planning and implementation, users are therewith enabled to clearly analyze the critical parameters of time synchronization (gPTP) and isochronous data exchange (IEEE 802.1Qbv, Qbu).

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