New White Paper: PROFINET Optional Features

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PROFINET Optional Features: Overview and Use Cases


All PROFINET products are developed according to international standards and certified by PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI). Aside from the mandatory characteristics in each PROFINET device, PI defines a list of optional features. These features are not required in all PROFINET devices; nonetheless, they can provide tremendous added value. This White Paper introduces the mandatory PROFINET capabilities, available in all PROFINET components. Then, it defines and explains several PROFINET optional features, explaining possible use cases and implementation options.

Full White Paper

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • PROFINET Conformance Classes
  • Optional Features
    • Simple Device Replacement
    • Device Specific Diagnostics
    • I-Device
    • Shared Device
    • Media Redundancy
      • MRP
      • MRPD
    •  Device Redundancy
    • Controller Redundancy
    • Network Redundancy
    • Dynamic Reconfiguration
    • I&M Records
    • iPar Server
    • Fast Startup (FSU)
    • Time Stamping
    • Application Profiles
  • Summary

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