New omlox Use-Case on Augmented Reality

New Use Case with Omlox and Holo-light: Augmented Reality in Production

Whether people, tools, or orders: In every production facility, there are many objects that continuously change their place. Asset tracking is increasingly becoming an essential task and an important criteria for efficient processes. The omlox positioning standard and the Isar XR streaming solution from Holo-Light are now revolutionizing industrial indoor navigation.

The first open locating standard omlox enables the seamless use of all existing location technologies such as UWB, BLE, RFID, 5G, or GPS. In addition, there is an open interface in the omlox core zone that enables any manufacturer to locate their devices within the open infrastructure. With augmented reality (AR), the positioning data can be visualized in real-time for employees via a device. A use case that can now be easily implemented by independent providers for the first time due to the open omlox architecture and XR streaming.

With omlox and Holo-Light, tools and spare parts for a service call, for example, are found easily, and employees are guided safely and quickly through production. The user gets arrows, navigation instructions, machine data or tool positions, etc., displayed in real-time on his AR device. Omlox transfers all location data into a uniform coordinate reference system visible through an AR application, such as the HoloLens 2 AR glasses or smartphone app.

A decisive advantage is the open infrastructure-based setup of the omlox core zone. The position data is calculated on a central server and allows the simple and immediate absolute location of the AR devices. In the omlox architecture, the plant manager retains control over all position data in his plant and can manage them centrally. This facilitates further analyses, for example, to optimize processes and increases the security of sensitive positioning data.

There are already countless positioning systems in the augmented reality environment, but they are all proprietary, which prevents widespread use. Here, the open omlox core zone opens up a new world for AR: the existing infrastructure can be used by any device. Every manufacturer can realize an infrastructure or a localization device on the basis of the standardized interface. This makes indoor navigation as easy as outdoor navigation. The open GPS for outdoor is replaced by omlox for indoor. Just as in the outdoor area of modern cars, AR can now also display navigation commands in the indoor area according to the position. Thus omlox for AR solves two central problems:

  • The simple and open absolute positioning of the devices in-doors directly after switching on (omlox core zone) and
  • The provision of content for the AR devices (where is what) via the omlox hub

Even moving objects such as people, assets or AGVs can be displayed in the AR application via the omlox hub API. With the AR application, omlox redefines indoor navigation: no need to attach QR codes, no complex preparation of the halls, and an accuracy that is significantly higher than comparable systems.


Use-Case Videos:

omlox – the open locating standard: order assembly with AR smartphone app by Holo-Light

omlox – the open locating standard: maintenance operation with HoloLens 2 AR glasses by Holo-Light

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