New Products – Dec 2021

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New IP67 IO-Link Master with PROFINET

Emerson announces its RSTi-OM machine-mount I/O for placement outside of the cabinet. RSTi-OM modules are IP67 so they are protected from water, dust, and other extreme conditions. Now you can take your I/O connectivity to the next level with IO-Link while still being able to interface with discrete I/O. You’ll have increased flexibility to control and advise your application with simultaneous connectivity to PROFINET, OPC UA, and MQTT.

Capacitive M8/M12 Sensors with IO-Link

Turck is presenting new capacitive sensors in the M8 and M12 metal housing for flush or non-flush mounting. The robust IO-Link devices with protection to IP67 are compact and offer versatile use, particularly for detecting objects in production, logistics or pharmaceutical applications. Their dynamic teach function simplifies setup during the ongoing process. An integrated counter function enables the implementation of autonomous counting applications without the need for a PLC.

Shock-Resistant Linear Position Sensors with IO-Link

Turck has further developed its Li-Q25 inductive positioning systems and equipped the contactless linear position sensors with IO-Link. COM3 of the new Li-Q25L enables it to support the latest and fastest IO-Link interface. The Li-Q25L can be integrated into PROFINET systems via Turck’s Simple IO-Link Device Integration (SIDI) software without the need for any additional software.

Safely Monitor Speeds with IO-Link Enabled Cam Controllers

In addition to other new products from TWK – there is another way to reliably detect and monitor the speeds of machines or systems in a functional way: The newly developed electronic cam controller NOCIO/S3 with IO-Link interface. It also offers two independently operating switching contacts with SIL2/PLd safety level, which switch in the event of over-speed or under-speed and can thus initiate safety functions in the system.

Safe Speed Monitoring with PROFINET + PROFIsafe Enabled Rotor Hub Sensors

TWK has developed a special tilt sensor with an integrated gyroscope that makes it possible to measure the position (angle of rotation) and the associated rotational speed in suitable applications, and does so with the simplest possible installation, as no shaft connection is required – called: Rotor hub sensor. The main field of application for this new sensor with PROFIsafe via PROFINET interface are rotors of wind turbines with corresponding speeds and similar applications.

Robust Network Communication in the Field

Indu-Sol has developed the IP67 PROmesh P10X diagnostic switch for PROFINET networks. Together with monitoring of the relevant environmental conditions – leakage currents on the shields of the connected data lines, temperature, and the 24V supply voltage – the PROmesh P10X provides the necessary information pool to detect the majority of typical weak points in a network.

Universal Gateways Certified to PROFINET V 2.3.5

Thanks to their new firmware, the Universal Gateways for PROFINET of the Double-X and Triple-X series by MBS now satisfy the newer GSDML specification 2.3.5. They are also equipped with new functions to adapt them to customer requirements. As an IO-Device, they establish the connection to the IO-Controller and are compatible with products from all PROFINET manufacturers.

RTLS with omlox Receives New Functionality

Pozyx, a provider of RTLS (real-time location system) based on UWB (ultra-wideband) technology, today announced the Trigger functionality in its V2021.3 product release. Triggers generate events that launch whenever a condition (based on the location awareness of assets) is fulfilled and convert these into automatically generated actions such as alerts, notifications, or status updates. The Triggers combine accurate location data with additional in/out fence information and are specified according to the omlox API definition.

PROFINET Always Up to Date

TR-Electronic has announced an update to its PROFINET aboslute rotary encoder product line. The latest update for the absolute encoders with a size of 58 mm, which is available with a solid shaft, blind shaft or a continuous hollow shaft, unifies the connection options and again saves a few mm in height (for devices with connection panel on the side). What all devices have in common is that they can be reset to the delivery state using the reset button without a controller being connected.

New Light Grid with Minimum Space Requirements

SICK is currently introducing the new SLG-2 automation light grid. The light grid is available in beam separations of 10 mm, 25 mm and 50 mm. Detection heights are between 100 mm and 2,400 mm and can be adjusted in 100 mm increments. With the SLG-2, all light beams can be read out individually and the beam status can be transmitted via the IO-Link interface.

Compact Industrial Switches with PROFINET-Compliant Interface

The unmanaged Ethernet switches eCon 2000GX-I-A from HARTING are Gigabit switches for continuous networking of vision applications, observation and diagnostic systems. With the compact and ultra-flat devices, scarce mounting space can be used optimally. The switches have IP30 protection and can be ordered in versions for DIN rail mounting or direct wall mounting. The ix interface is PROFINET compliant.

Enhanced Drives with PROFINET, PROFIdrive, and PROFIsafe

STÖBER has enhanced its SC6 and SI6 series drive controllers with additional PROFINET functions. Thanks to the redeveloped SU6 module, the controllers offer an attractive solution for STO and SS1-t via PROFIsafe. In the area of motion control, STOBER now supports a wide range of application classes in accordance with the standardized PROFIdrive device profile. A highlight: The communication interfaces of the drive controllers are now also PROFINET-certified.