Submit Your Content: New Reach in 2022

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PI members are eligible to submit articles about any technology in the PI portfolio to be published (subject to editorial review) in PROFINEWS free of charge. Topics could include PROFIBUS, PROFINET, IO-Link, omlox, etc. or even tangentially related topics like Ethernet-APL or TSN.

With a new year brings expanded reach in 2022 for PROFINEWS. Email distribution is increasing from 105,000 to 170,000 worldwide recipients! This, in addition to the PROFINEWS App available via the Apple and Android online stores. A global audience means a global perspective. As a reader, in addition to the content that is relevant to your region, you can also expect to hear interesting stories from around the globe.

We look forward to publicizing PI members’ company and product news. Got an interesting IO-Link case study? Or perhaps a new PROFINET product? Submit those and other relevant news items to editor[AT]

Materials to Include

  1. An English text, in a format which can be easily copied, such as Microsoft Word or Notepad. A press release is ideal, of any length. We will edit your submission into a form suitable for publication. We will review the text and prepare your images for publication.
  2. A “further information” web address (URL).
  3. At least one picture or graphic (2-4 if possible) in any common format (jpg, png, tif, etc.) and any size.

Important Considerations

  • Consider sharing several media options, such as videos and images, to make the content more attractive to the reader. We can publish multiple pictures in a story. Also, we can add a picture slide show, embedded videos, and other online media.
  • Avoid sending image files embedded in documents: extracting them takes time and lowers quality. Please send images as separate attachments or via a cloud service.
  • It is recommended to send ‘more’ content rather than ‘less’.
  • Always submit large media files as links.

For more information, contact us at: editor[AT]