New Products – May 2022

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Process-Reliable Profile Identification via IO-Link

With the new opto-electronic PS-30 profile sensor, di-soric is expanding its machine vision product range: The sensor is ready to use within just a few steps and can identify a variety of parts with its laser line scan. Up to ten target profiles make it possible to quickly and flexibly inspect and measure changing objects on one production line. Users profit from consistent product quality, high production efficiency and a reduced rejection rate. Set-up is performed either via the teach keys and display on the sensor or via IO-Link, which also provides rich data beyond a traditional digital I/O interface.

Bridging the Gap with IO-Link Wireless

Hilscher has extended its IO-Link Wireless portfolio and is now offering the netFIELD Device IO-Link Wireless Bridge. The new Bridge seamlessly networks all IO-Link Class A sensors with an IO-Link Wireless Master and implements them in PROFINET systems. The solution offers reliable real-time communication with transmission cycles down to 5 ms at a wireless point-to-point range of up to 10 meters. The new wireless Master allows for 16 sensors and actuators to be networked, twice as much as conventional hardwired IO-Link masters.

New IO-Link Communication SDK for Developers

With the software development kit IoddCom, Siogeen offers a new way of communication with IO-Link devices for developers. With IoddCom you can access all supported IO-Link masters and all IO-Link devices connected to them with IODD interpretation. Regardless of the programming environment used, a script interface is also integrated, which makes it possible to run entire scripts for specific processes or to address IoddCom generically from graphical interfaces. USB (Windows-only) and PROFINET masters are currently supported for all common operating systems: Windows, Linux and macOS as well as the Raspberry Pi.