New Products – February 2023

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Dynamic Inclinometers with Switching Output and IO-Link

Turck‘s QR20 inclinometer generates its signal from the combination of two measuring principles: a gyroscope signal and an MEMS acceleration measurement (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems). The new QR20 variants switch when a threshold value or switching window is reached. Two switching windows can be set and used in NO or NC operation. Turck is adding four more devices to the existing portfolio of the four IO-Link inclinometers: the B1N single-axis and B2N two-axis inclinometers for static applications and the B1NF and B2NF for dynamic applications.

Type R Robot Cable for PROFINET

LAPP is now offering its new ETHERLINE® ROBOT PN Cat.5e cable that complies with the new Type R standard for PROFINET usage on robots. It is suitable for industrial data cabling within or on a robot and can be used in cable assemblies or laid freely. Type R describes two-pair Cat.5e industrial data cables, which must withstand numerous electrical and mechanical requirements and provide longevity when used in industrial robots. The specification was drawn up in close consultation with AIDA (the Automation Initiative for German Motorists).

Optical Code Reader Offers IO-Link

Balluff’s new IDENT sensors stand out from the crowded market of code readers with the inclusion of IO-Link. This allows users to integrate code reading without separate Ethernet drops and IP addresses for every reader. The IDENT sensors reliably read both 1D and 2D barcodes and direct part marked codes while providing several other innovative features, including built-in condition monitoring capabilities. Versions are available with white and red light or white and infrared light. A standard M12 connection and a teach button make for easy setup.

Inductive Sensor for up to 10 millimeter Distance

Baumer has introducted a new compact inductive sensor. Though miniature in size, new sensor IF200 detects distance and metallic objects within a range of up to 10 millimeters. Depending on the variant, ultra-precise linearized measured values with 3 micrometer resolution are provided either via IO link or as analog voltage signals. Here, digital transmission provides the benefit of making shielded cables and high-resolution A/D converter card superfluous in precise distance measurements. Both IO-Link variants are dual channel capable and besides IO-Link ready digital output provide additional switching or analog voltage output.