New Products – July 2023

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I/O Modules with PROFINET

Belden has launched three new digital I/O Module variants to its successful LioN-X portfolio, in addition to the already existing IO-Link Masters. The new LioN-X Digital I/O Modules offer high adaptability the PROFINET protocols and enable communication from sensor to cloud with four IIoT protocols  (OPC UA, MQTT, CoAP, REST) onboard while also ensuring advanced security through Syslog and ACHILLES testing. A wide range of different IO-Link Master options is available as well.

New MTP Suite Launched

COPA-DATA has launched a Modular Type Package (MTP) Suite as part of its zenon software platform. The technology has been developed for the pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, food and beverage and marine sectors and is designed to enable plug-and-produce manufacturing. In the zenon MTP Suite, the steps to process orchestration are simple. After the MTP files are imported, the modules are configured against the service parameters. From there, a manufacturer can create batch recipes according to ISA-88 — an international standard for batch control — and start the manufacturing process.

New Location Tracking Software for Manufacturing

With CorivaEngine, TRUMPF Tracking Technologies has launched a new location tracking program for digitally networked production. CorivaEngine generates this location data and is based on the manufacturer-independent RTLS standard, omlox. Thanks to robust and highly accurate ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, CorivaEngine allows for particularly reliable locating in real time. The open RTLS standard, omlox, ensures seamless interoperability with compatible RTLS devices from different manufacturers (e.g. tags, badges or AGVs) and guarantees maximum investment security.

New Location Tracking Hardware for Manufacturing

With CorivaSatellite, TRUMPF Tracking Technologies has launched new location infrastructure digitally networked production. With the robust and highly accurate ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, the CorivaSatellite allows for particularly reliable location tracking in real time. The satellites are simply hung from the ceiling or wall and set themselves up independently. Satellites can be purchased as a ready-to-use product, as an integrated PCB, or as a blueprint for in-house development.

PROFIsafe Sensors in Stainless Steel Housing

With the new CDV582 SIL encoders, TR Electronic combines two of its competencies that the encoder specialist has acquired in the now 40 years of the company’s history: The compact, functionally-safe encoders of the CD_582 series, with their internal dual-channel design, directly generate an absolute position signal that can be used directly in applications that must meet Safety Integrity Level 2 or 3, or Performance Level d or e. The CDV582 in stainless steel supports PROFIsafe via PROFINET. TR Electronic now combines this with the housing design in high-quality stainless steel 1.4404, AISI 316L.

New MTP Workshop Offered

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