1 New MTP + 4 New PROFINET Products – March 2024

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MTP Support Added to POL

Industrial software developer, COPA-DATA has launched a Module Type Package (MTP) suite as part of its zenon software platform. The technology has been developed for the pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, food and beverage and marine sectors and is designed to enable plug-and-produce manufacturing. MTP is the cross-industry and cross-manufacturer standardization of the interfaces of different pieces of machinery which form a module. In a manufacturing facility, this functionality is achieved through the integration of MTP on the Process Orchestration Layer (POL).

Asset Management Gateway with PROFINET

Softing Industrial is expanding the smartLink product family with two new members: smartLink HW-PN and smartLink SW-PN enable access to PROFINET networks. The hardware gateway smartLink HW-PN and the Docker container software smartLink SW-PN enable controller-independent access to PROFINET field devices. The application areas of smartLinks PN range from parameterization and asset management to the monitoring of PROFINET and PROFIBUS devices.

IP67 IO-Link Master for PROFINET Networks

Molex recently introduced a Brad® IP67 solution portfolio based on IO-Link and PROFINET technologies. Brad IO-Link solutions include IP67 PROFINET IO-Link master modules in 60mm format and IP67 IO-Link digital hubs. The PROFINET master module features eight M12 ports with each port an IO-Link master channel and a configurable digital I/O channel. The digital hubs are available in 16 Inputs or 12 Inputs + 4 Outputs versions.

PROFINET Safety Controller Works as Expansion Module

Phoenix Contact has a new PROFIsafe safety controller that operates as an expansion module for its AXC F 2152 or AXC F 3152 PLCnext controllers. The AXC F XT SPLC 3000 controller adds a safety PLC for PROFINET networks to PLCnext. It can be used in applications up to SIL3 or PLe. When operating as an F-host, the SPLC 3000 can communicate with up to 300 F-devices and operate simultaneously as an F-device. Combining with the PROFIsafe I/O extensions of the Axiobus that can be added to the right-hand-side of a PLCnext controller, offers a high degree of modularity.

Standard Drives with PROFINET and PROFIsafe

SEW-Eurodrive says it is redefining what “standard” means with a compact frequency inverter that can be used for applications from open-loop speed control and encoder-free torque control, to dynamic positioning. Its new Movitrac Advanced inverter offers a high degree of standardisation and is suitable for use in more than 50 countries. The inverter – part of SEW’s Movi C modular automation system – can control asynchronous and synchronous AC motors, with or without encoders. The drive can connect with control systems via PROFINET, and safe communications can be implemented via PROFIsafe.