Mission Accomplished!

The past five years have been exciting for process automation. It was clear to everyone involved that a turning point was at hand. And, thus, with the development of FDI (Field Device Integration) technology, an important signal was sent. For one thing, because the technology will make future device integration in process automation significantly easier. For another thing, because the collaboration with users, fieldbus organizations, and manufacturers was exceptional. All participants pulled together and wanted to see the project succeed.


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FDI Primer

With the completion of its goals, the FDI organization is dissolving. But the technology is just beginning its solving of user and vendor requirements. In process automation FDI presents a harmonization of FDT/DTM and EDDL. These two disparate approaches now resolve to a single solution.

FDI was developed by major industrial automation foundations, including PI, and major automation vendors with input from user organizations. FDI is designed to cover the entire lifecycle of process devices including configuration, commissioning, diagnosis, and calibration. (more…)

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Network of the Future

Though there’s no way to tell exactly what the network of the future will look like under the effects of the Industrial Internet of Things, there are three universal network aspects worth focusing on to prepare yourself—and your network—for the future. (more…)

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Tech Tip: What Is PROFINET DCP?

DCP is part of the PROFINET protocol suite and stands for “Discovery and Configuration Protocol”.  It is used by the engineering tool and controller to discover devices, identify device information, and configure device settings such as PROFINET device name and IP address on a PROFINET network. PROFINET DCP is an Ethernet link layer protocol and offers multiple services.  (more…)

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IO-Link: Did You Know?

Did you know that IO-Link has an incredible number of parameter assignment methods?

This article takes a look at five different use cases for accessing IO-Link devices and how configuration settings can be transferred to them.

Example 1: How are parameters assigned for an IO-Link device that is simply lying on the table? Several manufacturers offer IO-Link masters for this purpose, which are connected to a PC via USB or a wireless connection. Each IO-Link device has an IODD (IO Device Description-file). The device tool takes the IODD, which enables it to present the device on the screen and to read, write, and edit process data, parameters, and diagnostics. (more…)

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PROFINET in Process White Paper

PROFINET_in_PA_V1.5_web_EnglishThis white paper reports – oriented to the timeline of the technology development – which functions and capabilities of PROFINET are currently meeting the demands of process automation and which can be implemented and then used in products in the future based on specifications that are complete or in progress. (more…)

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Training and Events

d8f4f4450eThere are three different training classes being offered specifically for PROFIsafe in October. All three take place in Germany with the first intended for end-users and machine builders and the remainder for device manufacturers. In North America, the second half of the year’s one-day training classes kicks off in Chicago on August 27. (more…)

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PROFIBUS and PROFINET Success in Brazil

It has been a busy year for Associação Profibus Brasil thus far. PROFIBUS and PROFINET already enjoy wide adoption in Brazil and the Association has been there to support users with training and seminars. Through new events and meetings, the Association is expanding the already large PROFIBUS and PROFINET footprint in the country’s automation, process, and energy sectors. (more…)

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