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Industrie 4.0 and IIoT for Process Automation

The chemical industry is well acquainted with networks. Many locations operate in close raw material and energy networks. This is now to be extended to the data level – or at least the measured value level. For it is apparent that analog measured value transmission in chemical plants is often no longer adequate for future tasks. For this reason, the process industry is now openly discussing the topic of IIoT, Industrie 4.0, and using Ethernet technologies.

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Process Migration to PROFINET

Seamless technology transfer: Standards guarantee the seamless interaction of devices and systems. But technical development never stops and the process automation world is already approaching the next technology generation. However, this time it is not about something completely new but rather about merging established solutions.

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PROFIBUS PA Sentiments

In this article (and next month’s) PROFIBUS veteran Dennis van Booma sheds some light on questions that some novice PROFIBUS PA users have asked recently. There are specialists all over the world who are ready to kick-off their first implementation of PROFIBUS PA. This is the legacy of the conservative nature of our industry. More about PROFIBUS PA Profiles...

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Tech Tip: Suite and Simple Network Management with PROFINET (Part 3)

In part 3 of this series of tech tips, we’ll cover PROFINET application layer device diagnostics and alarms, data records, and additional features, which give us complete accessibility and control in the event of a diagnostic or issue with the network. We often refer to this as “diagnostics down to the wire.” The article explains this concept.

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Training and Events – July 2016

Plugfests are in the news with a recent PROFINET plugfest in Germany and an upcoming PROFINET plugfest in the US. IO-Link has a similar event scheduled for October. Recent events included an international meeting of PI Competence Centers (PICC), PI Training Centers (PITCs) and PI Test Labs (PITLs) plus an IO-Link member meeting. There are still hundreds of training and events scheduled for 2016.

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Regional News – July 2016

Unlike many other organizations in industrial automation, PI is large enough that it can support a decentralized structure (as opposed to a centralized one). This means each Regional PI Association can deliver support and events that are suited to their local market. More importantly, it means there's a lot happening around the globe, all the time. Newsworthy topics highlighted in this article are from: China, India, Italy, Korea, and Norway.

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