The Many Uses of PROFINET and OPC UA

The theme for this month's issue is clear: the usefulness in employing both PROFINET and OPC UA. Existing use-cases (e.g. predictive maintenance) become easier to achieve, and new use-cases (e.g. C2C Safety) are created through the powerful combination of these two complementary technologies. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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PROFINET & OPC UA: A ‘Map’ Made in Heaven

Mapping PROFINET data to the OPC UA information model has been one of the main tasks of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International for the past few months. The many use-cases discovered show that the effort spent collaborating on a Companion Specification with the OPC Foundation will be beneficial across the Industry 4.0 landscape.

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The ‘Dual Channel Principle’ [Case Study]

Leuze electronic is promoting what they're calling a 'dual channel principle'. Real-time data is transferred via one channel, and data for process monitoring and configuration via another channel. Wonder which protocols are being used? You guessed it: PROFINET and OPC UA.

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New Products – May 2019

This month we are featuring several brand new products coming to the market! Check out the new offerings from Indu-Sol, PROCENTEC, Siemens, Schildknecht, SMC, and Schunk.

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A Power Duo: PROFINET and PROFIBUS PA [App Story]

PROFINET and PROFIBUS PA jointly provide the best value in a new spirit bottling and packaging plant. Highly efficient motion control solutions, high availability, flexibility, scalable redundancy structures, and integration of a variety of process devices are among the many benefits.

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More PROFINET in Process with Redundant Systems

Process automation has some special requirements that controllers and field devices have to fulfill. Turck supports PROFINET adoption in the process industries by launching the world's first IP67 I/O module with PROFINET S2 system redundancy.

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Water Treatment Plant Modernization [App Story]

PROFINET is modernizing wastewater treatment plants across Denmark. The customer is Novafos, a major water company serving nine municipalities in eastern Denmark, close to Copenhagen. Novafos operates 17 drinking water plants and 18 sewage treatment plants and treats around 20 million cubic meters of water annually.

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Grinding Machine 4.0 [App Story]

IO-Link brings greater flexibility, efficiency, and easier handling to the new Fives Giustina grinding machines. With IO-Link and centrally-stored parameter recipes, format and product changes are easy and can be accomplished in the shortest possible time. Together with Balluff, the Italian manufacturer has made its machines Industry 4.0-capable.

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