First Devices with PROFINET over APL and PA Profile 4

With the completion of the work surrounding PA device profile 4, another milestone has been reached on the way to flexible and, at the same time, more secure process automation. In combination with PROFINET over APL and its high bandwidth, seamless integration from the field level into the entire PROFINET network is possible.

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Open Interfaces with PI technologies

Between PROFINET, PROFIsafe, Modular Type Package (MTP), and omlox, it's no small wonder PI's technologies are poised to have a significant impact on the process industry. In my many years of work as a PI board member, it was often a matter of building bridges between technologies and people, i.e., creating many interfaces.

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Data Becomes Information

It is important to design the interaction between PROFINET and the OPC UA device integration models in such a way that it is easy for the user to get started. This makes it easier to implement data analytics and predictive maintenance scenarios or asset management in the plant, for example.

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