New Products (Issue 122)

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New products this month include: new connectors, PROFINET communication modules, gateways, touchscreen computers, and RFID readers with PROFINET.  Click on the headlines for additional details.

PROFINET-cote-H30cm (Custom)PROFINET to Serial Gateway

From Agilicom: AGILiGATE PROFINET to serial is a gateway to exchange data between a PROFINET network and any equipment with a serial link. AGILiGATE PROFINET is an IO-Device. The serial link is fully configured via the IO-Controller.

RapID REM - PNET CertifiedIndustrial Ethernet Solution Certified to PROFINET v2.31

Innovasic is pleased to announce the RapID Platform with the new fido5000 REM Switch chip has been certified to PROFINET v2.31 for Class B and Class C devices. The certification includes conformance to Net Load Class III.

TECPR003b1Ruggedized Industrial RJ45 Connectors

TE Connectivity, has launched a range of ruggedized Industrial RJ45 connectors for industrial use. The new products include an industrial RJ45 Push-Pull Variant 14 connector with a plastic shell, and an industrial RJ45/Fiber Optic Push-Pull Variant 14 with a metal shell, which are specified for PROFINET.

Belden_ConnectorsConnectors Enable Fast, On-Site PROFINET Connections

Belden Inc., has launched two connectors from Lumberg Automation – designed specifically for establishing industrial Ethernet connections in applications with challenging conditions, such as railway and on machine.

COMX 51CA-RE sizedCommunication Module Certified for PROFINET V2.31

Hilscher is pleased to announce that the comX 51CA-RE communication module has successfully been tested against PROFINET IO Version 2.31 and certified for conformance by PI. Fast Start Up (FSU), Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), and Netload Class III were also tested and certified.

TPC-1251T_1551T_2Low Power Flat Touch Panel Computer

Advantech’s new 12.1” and 15” TPC-1251T/1551T touch panel computers are the latest of their type to use the Intel® Atom™ E3827 1.75 GHz Processor, and to feature the much heralded iDoor Technology, a truly flat screen and a multitude of I/O ports while being able to operate in a wide range of temperatures.

Neue Generation von UHF-Readern mit hoher Zuverlässigkeit für Produktion und Logistik / New generation of high-reliability UHF readers for production and logisticsHigh-Reliability UHF Readers

Siemens is launching a new generation of RFID readers for the ultra-high frequency (UHF) band. The three new devices in different functional and performance classes enable users to implement RFID projects more quickly and to reduce plant downtimes.