Regional News (Issue 122)

PI-Australia-LogoThe Profibus Association of Australia (PAA) is adding new members at a strong clip. Similarly, membership in the Japanese Profibus Organization (JPO) has surpassed 100. Both accomplishments underscore the growing adoption of PROFIBUS and PROFINET as global, market-leading technologies.

Over the last 18 months, the PAA has invested in programs and campaigns to raise awareness within the industry about the productivity and cost benefits that automation solutions driven by PROFIBUS / PROFINET can offer. As a result, the PAA is enjoying one of its highest intakes of new members in a 12 month period (2014). Read more, including interviews with the new member companies HERE.

P1040642On October 7 in Tokyo a celebration was held with a seminar and party, to mark the occasion of JPO reaching 100 members (currently at 103). Over 120 visitors attended the seminar to learn about PI, the organization, its technologies, and the impact on the automobile industry.  Experience the growth from 11 members to 103 here.