IO-Link: Did You Know?

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Did you know that every device has a manufacturer’s declaration?

In addition to the IO-Link specification itself, a test specification is available. Anyone can download these specifications from In addition, easy-to-operate test systems with comprehensive functions are offered for IO-Link masters as well as IO-Link devices. These test systems perform the test cases defined in the test specification in a highly automated fashion. The test systems are approved by the IO-Link Community. Even the device description that exists for every IO-Link device is checked by a test program and marked accordingly.

Every manufacturer of IO-Link devices is obligated to use the specifications and tools and issues a manufacturer’s declaration following successful completion of the test. In the case of IO-Link devices, in particular, it is possible to check the behavior without special training and expertise, so that any disregarding of the rules can be easily identified and thus avoided.

Furthermore, interoperability workshops are held to test the interaction of IO-Link masters and IO-Link devices and the use of test systems. The findings are then incorporated into the specification, test specifications, and test systems.

This ensures the quality and interoperability of IO-Link devices without the need for expensive third-party certification. Users can and should put the manufacturer to the test and demand the manufacturer’s declaration.